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Noah Bonus Scene

Noah Time: Navigating Noah Bonus Scene

Noah Time

A Navigating Noah Bonus Scene

Copyright: Jaclyn Quinn



“Whoa, little guy. Where do you think you’re going?” I swooped Logan up in my arms seconds before he made a break for it into the hallway, his high-pitched squeal of delight like music to my ears. “You think that’s funny?” I tickled his side and he squirmed, looking at me with those big eyes the second I stopped as he waited for me to do it again.

The last four months had passed by in a blur of firsts… First steps, First Halloween, first Thanksgiving, first Christmas, first New Year’s Eve… Today was extra special, though.

“Okay, it’s ready!” Hunter called from the kitchen. The second Logan heard his voice, he mumbled a string of Dadas.

“Are you ready? Let’s go see what Daddy’s doing.” I carried Logan down the short hall and into the kitchen, my eyes landing on three colorful cupcakes sitting on the island in front of Logan’s high chair. A single candle stood up in the middle of the cupcake with the most frosting. “Who could that be for?”

Hunter crossed the kitchen, his warm hand landing on my back and his other arm encircling Logan. Our little family was more than I ever dreamed I’d have. I couldn’t remember a time when I was this happy.

Hunter leaned in, giving Logan a bunch of kisses on his chubby cheek. I welcomed the kiss when he turned that enticing mouth toward me. “I’m glad it turned out this way. Not that I don’t want the rest of the family to celebrate his birthday, but I like having this night just for us.”

“Me, too.” Logan’s birthday fell on a Wednesday, but we’d decided to hold off having the rest of the family over until  Sunday, making it easier for everyone’s busy schedules. Logan’s first birthday was a huge deal to us all, and we wanted our family to surround this little boy with all the love they could. Tonight, however, was just for the three of us.

I put the baby in the high chair then fastened a bib on him. If there was ever a night he needed it, this was it. Logan banged his hands repeatedly on the tray. The big Mylar balloon attached to the back of the chair, in the shape of the number one, bounced in rhythm. Logan’s eyes grew wide, watching the candle Hunter lit in the cupcake dance and flicker.

Hunter and I sang Logan the birthday song, both of us incredibly off-key, then held the cupcake in front of Logan as we blew the candle out for him. I had no doubt the wish we’d made for him would come true.

I took the candle out of the cupcake then Hunter removed the wrapper. The second he set it down in front of Logan, Logan stopped banging his hands and looked at the confection in awe.

“Here, let me show you…” Hunter took the baby’s hand and swiped his tiny finger through the frosting, then brought it to Logan’s lips. The second Logan tasted the sweet treat, his eyes widened and he went straight in for more. Hunter huffed out an amused laugh. “He’s definitely going to need a bath before bed.”

“He sure is, but it’s worth it.” I leaned the side of my head against Hunter’s, perfectly content to stand there and watch Logan annihilate his very first birthday cake.

“Yeah, it is.” Hunter reached over to the island and swiped his finger into the colorful frosting of one of the other cupcakes. He lifted it to my lips, his dark eyes locked on my mouth as he smeared the frosting like lip gloss on my tingling skin. “Oops. Looks like you’re gonna need one, too.”

My tongue snaked out, swiping a path along my lips in one fluid motion, Hunter’s eyes growing even darker while he watched. “Looks like it. I still need to”—I looked at Logan out of the corner of my eye then back at Hunter—“blow out your candle.” We both laughed, and I leaned in and kissed him, only coming up for air when a slimy blob hit my cheek. “Well, that was lovely.” Hunter and I laughed even harder. I wiped the assaulting frosting from my face and laughed. “Jeez, little man. You’ve got some aim.”

The sugar-high Logan was surfing kept him up later than usual. After finally getting him cleaned up and into bed, Hunter and I were exhausted. I had work early the next morning, and Helen would be at the house by eight so Hunter could get on a work call.

As I snuggled against him in bed, my face buried in the crook of his neck, I vaguely remembered whispering something about Noah Time.

“Go to sleep, Noah. We’ve got all the time in the world.”



“Aw, look at that! He’s all ready to go out on the boat with his daddies now,” Helen said from the couch in our living room. The gang was all there, celebrating my son’s first birthday. It still amazed me every single day that this was my life now, but man, I fucking loved it.

Noah held up Logan’s new life vest, covered in characters from Finding Nemo, courtesy of Aiden and Cole. A year ago, I didn’t know anything about the Disney movie. Now, we watched a handful on repeat, and yeah, maybe I knew the words to all the songs, too. Sue me.

The day was a whirlwind of presents, family chatter, and cake. Lots of cake. Too much cake, but Uncle Burke insisted the cool uncle thing to do was to make Logan’s the biggest and best First Birthday cake that ever existed. I couldn’t argue about it. Burke sure as hell knew how to make a chocolate cake.

Of course, Ford insisted that the fun uncle thing to do was to shove as much cake in his mouth as he could and make faces at Logan until the baby laughed.

“Why am I not surprised you know how to communicate with a one-year-old?” Burke asked Ford.

Ford dramatically swallowed the food in his mouth, patting Burke on his buzzed head. “Told you I’m the funcle.”

Burke picked up several plates and balanced them in one hand, grabbing more garbage with the other. “You know that makes you sound like a foot fungus, right?”

Ford’s face scrunched as he scowled at Burke. “Ha ha.”

Sage wiggle his way through the roomful of people and went straight for Logan, picking the baby up. “Yeah, well I’m the favorite uncle and nothing beats that, right, Logan?” Logan spouted some gibberish in response. “I know!” Sage said. “Now, tell your daddies you’re celebrating another first tonight.”

“Oh yeah? And what would that be?” I searched my brain for something I was forgetting.

“Logan’s first sleepover!” Sage announced with a huge goofy smile on his face.

“Uh…” Sleepover? Away from Noah and me?

“It’s gonna be great. We’ll pack up his things and take him with us, right, Levi?”

Levi didn’t look as sure as his fiance, gripping the back of his neck as he nervously laughed.

“I don’t know if—” Noah began, but Sage wasn’t having it.

“Oh, come on! He’ll be perfectly safe with Uncle Sage and Uncle Levi, and Bluefin is closed tomorrow. Besides, we could use some practice, seeing as we’ll be starting a family of our own soon.” Sage beamed at Levi, who again, squeaked out a nervous laugh. When we all continued to gape at Sage, he sighed dramatically. “Fine, sleep at Noah’s old place tonight. No one’s renting it right now, and you’ll literally be around the corner from us. Not that we’ll need you for anything, but if it’ll make you feel better…”

I met Noah’s eyes and saw the same apprehension I was feeling. Simmering just under the surface, though, was the prospect of having an entire, uninterrupted night filled with Noah’s groans of pleasure. I swallowed hard, seeing the moment Noah’s dirty thoughts synced with mine.

I turned back to Sage, my heart still struggling with what I was about to say. “Okay, fine. But if there is anything, and I mean anything, he needs… I don’t care if it’s the middle of the night—”

“We’ll call you. I promise,” Sage said, excitement coming off him in waves.

“So, I’m guessing you’re taking tomorrow off?” Cole asked Levi.

Levi blew out a deep breath. “Looks like it.”

Knowing Levi the way I did now, I understood where his apprehension came from. Hell, before Logan, I was pretty much in the same boat as the man. No family worth mentioning and sure as hell no experience with having a child. But, because I knew Levi so well now, I also appreciated how much he was willing to step out of his comfort zone if it made Sage happy. Levi was amazing with Sage’s nephews, just like he was amazing with Logan. It occurred to me that maybe he needed this night with Logan more than he let on.

“You okay with all this?” Noah asked me softly as we packed up some things for Logan.

“Yeah…I think so…maybe…” I gave him a sheepish smile as heat rushed my face. It was weird to realize how much of a nervous, helicopter parent I was becoming. Truth was, maybe I needed this night, too. “I’m glad we’re staying at your old place, though.” This town always seemed so small to me, but the thought of Logan at Sage and Levi’s was as disconcerting as picturing him three thousand miles away from me.

Noah kissed my temple, his warm hand drawing circles on my back. “We’ll be around the corner from him. He’ll be okay.”


Two hours later, I picked up my phone for the fifth time that night and pressed Sage’s number. The first time, I worried about them having enough diapers. That snowballed into… Did they have a spare bink? Because he couldn’t fall asleep without it. Did I remember to put Legs in the bag? Because he couldn’t sleep without the stuffed purple octopus, either. The last time had been to check if I remembered to pack his cereal for the morning. You know, because if I didn’t, it would be impossible to get him some.

“Logan’s Car Wash,” Sage answered, coming up with a new business name every time I called. My personal favorite was You’ve Been Saged: Herbs and Potions.

I snorted into the phone, scrubbing a hand over my face. “I’m hovering, aren’t I?”

Sage snorted into the receiver. “Just a bit.” I exhaled long and slow, trying to back away from the ledge of worry I was teetering on. “Put Noah on the phone.”

“I’ll put it on speak—”

“Nope. Put Noah on the phone, sir, and slowly back away.”

Blowing out another frustrated breath, I held the phone out to Noah. “He wants to talk to you.”

Noah softly laughed and took the phone. He listened for a second before covering the mouthpiece. “Sage said there needs to be ten feet between you and me or Legs gets it.”

“He better not hurt one leg on that—”

Noah covered my mouth in amusement. “Now he said unwad those panties. Logan’s fine, Legs is fine, and I need your—” Noah’s eyes widened and his face turned a shade of red to rival a ripe tomato. “I’m not telling him that!”

I could hear Sage’s laughter on the other end of the line. Finally, the tension in my muscles started to loosen. I could only imagine what Sage had suggested, but going by Noah’s scandalized expression, it was something worth following through on.

I took the phone back from Noah. “Okay, Sage, you’ve made your point. I’m hanging up so Noah can follow through on whatever you said to make him blush all the way to the tips of his ears.”

“You’re welcome,” Sage singsonged right before the phone clicked and the line went silent.

“What did he say that got you all flustered?” I wrapped my arms around Noah’s waist and nuzzled the warm skin of his neck.

Noah snorted. “Oh, just a suggestion of more productive things you could do with your tongue that would make it impossible for you to call him again.”

“I mean, he’s not wrong. I could use a distraction.” I backed Noah toward the island in the center of the kitchen. “Are you saying you couldn’t?” Slowly, I slid my hands under his shirt, feeling his skin prickle with goosebumps.

Noah’s breath shuddered. “I absolutely need some Noah Time, but not orchestrated by Sage.”

“Ah, so we’re gonna avoid whatever he suggested?” I pushed his shirt up until Noah raised his arms, letting me take the shirt all the way off. As soon as his nipple came into view, I dove down and sucked it into my mouth. Man, I loved to hear him moan. I took my time, gliding my tongue over the awakening skin, letting my teeth graze it. I traveled across his chest, leaving a wet trail, and took the other nipple into my mouth.

“Oh fuck, that feels good, and no way in hell are we avoiding anything tonight.” Noah’s hands pushed up into my hair, his grip tight, holding my mouth where he wanted it. But I had other plans.

“There are so many things I can do to this body with my mouth.” Jerking away, I grabbed Noah’s arms and turned his body so he faced the island. “But there’s one thing in particular I’ve been craving all day, and it sure as hell isn’t cake.”

“No?” Noah rasped out, his head hanging while my lips ghosted down his spine. “What are you craving?”

I took both of Noah’s hands and pressed them flat against the cold granite, then braced my hand between his shoulder blades. “Keep them there.” A high-pitched whimper escaped the big man at my mercy. Slowly, I reached around his waist and found the button of his pants. Within seconds, the curve of his bare, mouth-watering ass was there for the taking. I sure as hell planned to take until Noah trembled from the force of a mind-blowing orgasm.

I pulled the packets of lube out of my pocket and tossed them on the granite before dropping to my knees. We’d abandoned condoms almost as soon as I’d moved all my stuff here a few months back. Sliding into him with no barriers was unreal.

Noah slid his hand off the counter, heading for his cock. “Already breaking the rules?” A shiver coursed through Noah, a groan of aggravation and impatience somehow making this even better.

His hand slapped back down on the hard granite. “I thought you loved me?”

I spread him open, my finger circling the puckered skin of his delectable ass. “Oh, baby, you know I do. Every inch of you.” To prove my point I dove in, my tongue landing on its intended target. HIs hole clenched and unclenched, his deep sigh filling the room.

“Yes, that’s it. Love every fucking inch,” he demanded, turning the tables on me. Goddamn he was sexy when he took the reins.

My body and mind, instinctively and without hesitation, followed orders. I worked his hole, loosening the muscle. My hand landed on the counter, slapping the granite in search of a lube packet. What the hell hadn’t I brought one down with me? Noah laughed and put one in my hand. Then flipped the tables again as he spread out his massive chest and wingspan flat on the counter, completely surrendering to whatever was coming next.

I tore my shirt over my head, tossing it across the room in the direction of the fridge. My body was lit with anticipation as I prepped him for my cock. I was as eager to be inside of him as I was the very first time I’d slid into his body. Every day with Noah was like finding nirvana for the first time.


“I got you.” I always would. It was possible to let him go now.

I stood back up, releasing my cock from the tight confines of my pants. I was already leaking and ready, the need to be inside him so intense, my hand was shaking as I slicked myself up. Our groans filled the nearly empty room, echoing off every wall, as I pushed into him.

“Fuck,” I rasped out, my eyes crossing in absolute ecstasy. Noah’s silky warmth surrounded me, and it took everything in me not to come as he tightened his hole around my cock. “You’re gonna make me come before I even get a chance to fuck you.”

Noah’s cheek was pressed against the smooth granite. “Why, because of this?” He clenched his muscles and released. “This is gonna make you come?” He did it again and I saw stars.

“That’s how you want to play it, huh?” With one hand braced between his shoulder blades and the other grasping his hip, I slammed into him, pulling curses from his plump mouth. Over and over again, I plunged into him, hard and fast. “Is this what you wanted? Wanted to make me lose control?”

“Fuck yeah,” he said, his voice hoarse.

Everything else faded away as I pounded into him. I felt my orgasm building in the base of my spine, so I focused all my attention on pegging his prostate while I gripped his cock and stroked rapidly. Desperately, I held on to my own release, determined to make him come apart first.

With a bellow that came from deep within him, Noah came, his hole tightening almost painfully around my dick. There was no holding on anymore, my body catapulted into another dimension where nothing else mattered but Noah’s body wrapped around mine.

“Fuck.” I trembled and froze, then pulled out and pushed in again. “Fuck.” My hips jerked as I pumped every bit of my release deep inside him. Thoroughly empty, I collapsed against his back, my body draping over his. Both of us drew in air, trying to calm our rapidly heaving chests.

“It’s settled,” Noah said, his voice slightly muffled from me holding him down on the counter. “Noah Time needs to be a national holiday.”

I snorted. “You do realize holidays are only celebrated once a year, right?”

A chill trembled through him. “Shoot. That’s not gonna work for me.”

Laughing, I slowly pulled out of him, my legs feeling like jelly. “The best thing about Noah Time is we make our own rules.”

Noah carefully pushed to a standing position, stretching his long limbs above his head. “Okay then. I have the first rule.”

I wrapped him in my arms, my nose nuzzling in the curve of his neck. “What’s that?”

Noah took my mouth in a deep, mind-melting kiss. When we came up for air, he had a wicked gleam in his eyes. “There are no rules.”

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