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Magic Mullet: A Road to You Bonus Scene

Magic Mullet
Road to You Bonus Scene
Copyright: Jaclyn Quinn

“Jeez, this box is heavy, guys,” Avery said to Nick, Dylan, and Chris, lifting the perfectly wrapped, silver and white striped package onto his lap. “I’m guessing Nina helped with the wrapping?” The three boys flashed big, goofy smiles.

Avery’s son Chris snorted, giggling with his two cousins. “You should’ve seen them before she helped.”

Parker had and wow. It was a good thing they’d recruited Nina. Although, he doubted Avery and Ryder cared about shitty wrapping.

“‘Open first,’” Avery read, then nudged his head toward the box in front of Ryder. “Yours is second.”

Ryder rubbed his hands together then lifted the matching box to his ear and shook. “This marriage thing has its perks.”

Avery quirked a challenging eyebrow. “Like, marrying the man of your dreams?”

Ryder smirked. “Oh yeah, that too, hubby.”

Man, Parker definitely had to get used to hearing that from his friend. He and the rest of the family laughed around them as Avery started to unwrap his box, slowly opening each end first before sliding his fingers down the flap in the middle. Ryder rolled his eyes and sighed, waving his hand in a hurry-the-fuck-up way.

“Jeez, if you took other things out as slowly as you’re unwrapping that box, we wouldn’t be married right now.” Ryder sighed again dramatically, looking at his non-existent watch.

“Like, the garbage?” Dylan asked innocently. “Uncle J and Uncle Eli hate when it takes me forever to take that out.” He rolled his eyes while his older brother Nick snickered.

“Yeah, bud. That’s what Ryder meant. Right, Ryder?” Novak shot Ryder a narrow-eyed look.

Ryder rolled his lips in, obviously trying to hold in a laugh. “Yup. That’s what I meant.”

When the box was finally open, Avery chuckled. “Uh…thanks?” he said to the boys as he lifted one of the three heavy bags and a small box out of the package. “You really shouldn’t have.” He set the sack of sweet potatoes and the package of brown sugar on the floor between himself and his new husband.

“Oh ho!” Ryder yelled, his face lighting up. “I know where this is going, and I’m here for it!” Ryder tore at the paper, opening his box in record time. “Yes!” He held bags and bags of mini marshmallows in the air like they were the damn Stanley Cup then gave Avery a cheeky grin. “Perks,” he repeated with a wiggle of his eyebrows.

“I’m missing something, aren’t I?” Jason whispered in Parker’s ear as he held him from behind.

“In this family? I’d catch you up, but experiencing it firsthand is half the fun.” Parker turned his head and found Jason’s lips for a quick kiss.

“I’m beginning to get that.”

“Okay! Let’s get this party started!” Ryder shouted, pointing to the DJ before yanking Avery up onto the dance floor of the small banquet room they’d rented in the back of their favorite Italian restaurant. Two days before had been the biggest Thanksgiving feast their growing family had had yet, with Eli’s entire family from Riverside Falls and Avery’s parents joining them. Today, the group increased even further with the addition of Parker’s parents and, to Parker’s surprise, an invitation had been extended to Sarah and Trevor.

The DJ softened the music, getting everyone’s attention. “I think it’s time to thank those women in your lives with the mother-son dance.”

The room fell silent, Parker looking nervously at his friends and receiving the same looks in return. Had they forgotten to tell the guy that Ryder didn’t have a mother to dance with?

As if the group inhaled and held the same breath, Parker’s eyes followed Ryder as he crossed the room and held his hand out to Nina. “What do ya say, Nina? Take a spin with me?” He looked nervous as hell, as if waiting for Nina to turn him down—as if she ever would.

She clamped a hand over her mouth, her eyes glistening as she took Ryder’s hand. “Oh, honey, I’d be honored.” Ryder breathed out a sigh of relief—as did the rest of them—and escorted her to the dance floor next to Avery and his mother.

Once the song was over and another slow song began, Jason took Parker’s hand and led him to the dance floor. Being in his arms, with their family surrounding them, made Parker long for something just like this someday. The best part was, he knew it would happen. He felt it in his bones.

“What are you thinking about?” Jason asked, his mouth brushing up against Parker’s ear.

Parker didn’t want to jump the gun with too much too soon, even though, with every day that passed, he was becoming more confident that Jason was his future. “I was just thinking how I’d do anything for these guys, including making the best of their wedding night.”

“Oh really?” Jason laughed softly against Parker’s ear, warm breath sending shivers down his spine. “And how do you plan on doing that?”

“Slowly.” He ghosted his lips against Jason’s cheek as he pulled back to look at him. “Very, very, slowly.”

“Time to go,” Jason announced, grasping Parker’s hand while Parker cracked up and grabbed Jason’s forearm with his free hand, widening his stance to hold his ground.

“Uh uh.” The adorable pout on Jason’s face almost made Parker give in, but his friends only got married once. Luckily, the server wheeled out the cake, making the argument much easier to stay…at least for a little while longer.

The grooms took their places, each holding the handle of the knife. Two small pieces were cut, and at the last second, Avery snatched a cloth napkin off a nearby table and stuck it in his collar like a bib. “Just in case.”

“You wound me, sir.” Ryder put a hand to his heart. “What makes you think I would ever treat my husband that way?”

Avery held up a piece of the vanilla cake for Ryder to take a bite. “Because I would?” He wiggled his eyebrows seconds before smashing the cake against Ryder’s mouth. White frosting went up Ryder’s nose and down his chin, crumbs stuck to his face like a beard. The look of utter shock on his face was fucking priceless.

“Hot damn, I love you,” he said before yanking Avery in for a kiss by his tie, smearing his face with cake and frosting in the process. The room erupted in cheers and laughter.


An hour and a half later, Parker pressed up against Jason’s back in the quiet hallway, one hand holding a plate of leftover cake, the other running up inside the front of Jason’s shirt while he kissed the smooth skin of his neck.

Jason groaned. “I’m never gonna get this damn door open.” He spun around and grabbed Parker’s face between his big, warm hands. “Fuck it.” He slammed their mouths together, sliding his tongue into Parker’s mouth. “Exhibitionism, for the win.” Those big hands slid down Parker’s face and neck, swooping around to his back and landing on his ass, pulling Parker closer.

Parker laughed against Jason’s mouth. “Give me the damn keys.” He yanked them out of Jason’s hand, groaning when Jason began torturing him in the same deviously delectable way. “Yes!” Parker shouted as the door flew open and they both rushed inside. “As enticing as a hallway fuck would’ve been, it’s missing something.”

“You want me to borrow Ryder’s mullet wig, don’t you,” Jason deadpanned.

Parker dropped his head back and groaned. “I should’ve never told you that.”

Jason wrapped his arms around Parker’s waist while walking him back toward the couch. “A little magic mullet? A little business up front”—he ran his hand over Parker’s cock and squeezed—“and a fucking party in the back?” That devilish hand slid around Parker’s hip, Jason’s fingers applying pressure against the crack of Parker’s ass. Damn clothes.

“Fuck. I will kill you if you make mullets sexy.” Parker muffled Jason’s laugh, silencing him with lips and tongue. Parker spun them both around, sliding the cake plate onto the coffee table then pushed Jason’s chest until he dropped back onto the couch. He straddled Jason’s lap before devouring his mouth again, rocking his hips as the pressure grew between them.

He managed to get the first two buttons on Jason’s shirt undone, but impatient for more, Parker tore at the material, buttons flying and distinctly bouncing off the floor.

“Jesus Christ, baby. I just bought this shirt.”

Parker pushed the torn material down Jason’s shoulders, slid off the couch between his man’s knees, and leaned in, sucking Jason’s nipple into his mouth, his teeth grazing over the hardening skin. Jason took a deep breath in and moaned, his head falling back onto the couch cushion.

“You were saying?” Parker teased, licking a wet path around his nipple then gliding his tongue across Jason’s chest to taste the other one.

“Was I saying something? I can’t remember. My brain’s fled south for the winter.”

“It’s only fall,” Parker retorted with a quick wink. He kissed a trail down Jason’s torso, mapping out his destination in the hills and valleys of Jason’s abs.

“You should probably get down there and tell that to my dick. He’s in charge now.”

Parker unbuttoned Jason’s pants, spreading the zipper open. Dropping his head down, he paused over Jason’s cock, which was currently straining against the material of his boxer briefs. His lips barely touched Jason’s shaft, but then, at the last second, he lifted his eyes to Jason’s. “I’m sorry…who’s in charge?” He opened his mouth over Jason’s bulge, exhaling moist, hot air onto his cock, licking the material between his taste buds and the salty, smooth skin hidden underneath.

“You.” Jason’s back arched, his hands sliding into Parker’s hair as Parker peeled back the cotton material enough to release the leaking tip of Jason’s dick. He caught Jason’s eye then slid his tongue over his slit, lapping up his delicious flavor. “Fuck…always you.”

Rewarding him, Parker grabbed the waistbands of Jason’s black pants and underwear and yanked them down. Jason lifted his hips in response then took his shirt off the rest of the way and tossed it while Parker relieved him of the rest of his clothes.

Parker licked his lips, his eyes taking in every inch of his naked man. He reached behind him for the drawer in the coffee table where they kept the lube and condoms but, instead, found the plate of leftover cake and an idea formed.

Slowly, he stood up and shed all his clothes, his skin prickling as Jason watched him with hunger in his eyes. His cock bounced in front of him, aching for the man in front of him.

“We never had cake,” Parker said, snorting with the look of utter confusion on Jason’s face.

“Huh?” Jason reached for Parker’s thighs, but Parker took a small step back and smiled mischievously. “Do you seriously want cake right now?” Parker turned away from the desperation in Jason’s eyes, stifling a laugh as he removed the aluminum foil from the plate. “Besides,” Jason continued, “you mainly eat the frosting.”

With that, Parker turned around with a scoop of white frosting on his index finger. “Like this?”

Jason audibly swallowed and nodded enthusiastically, groaning when Parker opened his own mouth, slowly closing his lips around his finger and sliding off all that sweet frosting into his mouth. Without another word, Parker reached down for another swipe of sweet deliciousness. He faced Jason and lifted his finger, but before indulging again, he fell to his knees between Jason’s legs. A flash of desire swept over Jason’s face as he watched Parker’s hand hover until finally Parker wiped the sugary deliciousness on the crown of Jason’s cock.

Jason’s full eyes, swimming with heat, dropped down—and then he snorted and bit his upper lip, laughter dancing in his eyes.

“Seriously?” Parker deadpanned.

“I’m sorry, it’s just…” Jason waved down at his dick. “From this angle, my dick looks like it’s got a frosty mul—”

Parker threw a hand over Jason’s mouth. “I swear to God, if you say it, your dick’s gonna be wearing a whipped wig while I head home and jack off in my shower.” They stared at each other for seconds—before losing it.

As the laughter settled, Parker dipped his head, catching Jason off guard and sucking one of his balls into his mouth. The humor of the situation fled, Jason’s fingers sliding into Parker’s hair, his legs falling open. Parker covered every inch of Jason’s cock with his tongue—except the frosted tip. He had his man whimpering, pushing his hips up as if to get Parker’s mouth to the one place he needed it most.

“Parker, fuck…”

No longer able to hold himself back, Parker sucked the head of Jason’s cock into his mouth, laving his tongue all over the crown, sucking the head into his mouth until every drop of frosting was gone.

Once again, he reached back toward the plate, scooping up a dollop, and then he stood up. He grinned down at Jason while bringing his finger to his own mouth, but changed trajectory and, instead, smeared the creamy dessert topping on the head of his own dick.

“Hell yeah. Bring that over here.” Jason leaned forward and grabbed the backs of Parker’s thighs and pulled.

Parker straddled Jason’s lap, finding purchase on the back of the couch with his hands on either side of Jason’s head. His head fell back, a moan dancing from his mouth as Jason cleaned Parker’s cock of all the white goodness before swallowing him down. The man had made it his mission to give good head, and holy fuck, he’d succeeded. There was nothing like coming in his man’s mouth, sharing a piece of himself and taking a piece of Jason in return.

Inhaling deeply, Parker’s heart beat faster, his mind circling around the only other way to share something with Jason that he’d never shared with anyone else. He pulled back, his hard cock falling from Jason’s lips.

“What’s wrong?” Jason asked, wiping his glistening mouth. “I was just getting started.”

“I know, but I was just thinking…what if you frost me instead?” Parker held his breath, searching Jason’s eyes.

Jason softly chuckled. “Again? As much as I love frosting, I’d much rather taste you.”

“That was a really good answer. You get bonus points for that.” Parker leaned in and pecked Jason’s lips. “But that’s not what I meant.” He reached back and wrapped his hand around Jason’s length, pressing the bare shaft against himself until his ass cheeks spread. He groaned, rubbing the tip of Jason’s cock back and forth over his hole.

Jason’s eyes lit up, his hands grabbing Parker’s hips and pushing Parker down. “Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

“I’ve been tested, I’ve always used condoms, and you’re it for me, babe.” Parker bit his bottom lip as he stared anxiously into Jason’s eyes.

“Same,” Jason breathed out. “Fuck, I love you.” He palmed the back of Parker’s head and pulled him down, crashing their mouths together.

When they came up for air, Parker said between pants, “I love you too.”

This time when Parker reached toward the coffee table, he came back with a small bottle of lube. Preparing him didn’t take long because they’d been fucking like bunnies. Bunnies…He snorted out a laugh, but when Jason gave him a confused look, Parker shook his head. “Nothing.”

Parker coated Jason’s cock with a good amount of lube. His eyes caught Jason’s, their connection about to be solidified in the best possible way. A way that, as far as Parker was concerned, said forever. Parker lined Jason’s cock up with his hole, holding Jason’s stare as he lowered his body down onto Jason’s bare cock.

“Shit…” Jason groaned. “That’s…fuck.” He gripped Parker’s hips tighter, his cock sliding all the way in.

“Yeah.” Parker drew in a deep breath and then began to move. “Oh my God. To feel you, instead of the condom…” He shivered and wrapped his arms around Jason’s neck, slowly rocking his hips as they both drank in the moment.

His body craving more, Parker pulled his head back and locked eyes with Jason. He lifted his hips then slammed back down, both of them cursing in pleasure. They moved together, sweat slicking their skin, Jason’s hot, bare length sliding in and out of Parker’s tight body. Their breaths came fast, bodies trembling, kisses wet and urgent.

Parker nodded his head in answer to Jason’s silent question. Movements became desperate until Jason’s head fell back, the tendons in his neck straining as he called out. Heat flooded Parker’s body as Jason owned him, causing a chain reaction of pleasure pulsing through Parker’s body and out the head of his cock. His release landed on Jason’s chest, Jason’s body jerking in the aftershocks of his orgasm.

They stared at one another, taking deep breaths as they came down from that incredible high.

“Perks,” Jason whispered, squeezing Parker’s ass that was still wrapped around Jason’s cock.

“Yeah?” Parker asked, his heart pounding at the implication.

Jason swallowed, his Adam’s apple bobbing. “One day…yeah…if you want that.” Uncertainty swam in Jason’s eyes, but he wrapped his arms around Parker’s waist and held him tightly.

“Hell yeah, I want that. I’ve always wanted that.” Parker kissed Jason softly, tenderly, his heart feeling like it could float away.

“I can see it now.” Jason swiped his hand in the air. “The White Whipped Wedding.” Parker barked out a laugh. “No good?” Jason asked. “How about The Mullet Marriage?”

“Oh my God.” Parker laughed, dropping his head forward.

When he found Jason’s eyes again, Jason’s expression grew serious, love dancing in his eyes. “You and me forever?”

Parker gazed into the blue depths of Jason’s eyes, happiness flooding his chest. “Now that has a ring to it.”



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Not on the Menu: A Convincing Cole Bonus Scene

Not on the Menu

A Convincing Cole Bonus Scene
Copyright: Jaclyn Quinn


“Cole, this is amazing.” I wrapped my arm around his shoulders and pulled him close to my side, nuzzling his neck in the spot that made my mouth water.

I’d carefully hung the resin piece he’d made me on the wall of SandBar, and now I couldn’t stop staring at it. The layers and depth of the ocean waves crashing into textured sand needed to be in a place where everyone would be able to see it. There were shades of blue that gradually blended into a teal green, each wave rolling in onto the sandy beach, somehow appearing foamy and super realistic.

“You really like it?” Cole asked, biting his bottom lip, making me want to sink my teeth into it and taste him.

“Are you kidding? I’ll pay you to make more. You should hang some pieces in the inn and the restaurant with prices on them. I guarantee people will buy them.” I kissed his temple.

“Nah. It’s just for fun; although, I’m running out of places for the ones I’ve made. You can have as many as you want.” His blue eyes sparkled like the waves he’d created. Every damn time I looked into them, they took my breath away.

“I won’t say no to more, but you could sell them to Sage. Pieces like these are perfect for Bluefin. Or you could set up a table at the Fourth of July festival.” I carefully ran my hand over the coarse sand, still struck by how true-to-life the entire piece was. “You know how many people come to Oceanfest.”

“Yeah, right. That’s in a few days.”

Shrugging my shoulders, I looked back at Cole. “I’m serious. You’re amazing.”

“Funny, I was thinking the same thing about you.” Cole kissed my jaw, the heat from his lips sending a shiver down my spine.

Things between us had gone from zero to sixty so fast it felt surreal at times. One minute I was lonelier than I’d even realized, and the next minute, Cole filled every gap in my life that I hadn’t even been aware of. Hell, he’d just stood up to half of Coral Pointe for me yesterday. Defended me, loved me in a way no one else ever had. I was in awe of how badly I wanted him, every single day. The need for him never lessened.

And, don’t get me started on the sex. Our delicious, mind-blowing, want-him-all-the-damn-time sex.

“What are you thinking about?” Cole asked, snorting a laugh that said he already knew.

“Last night…and this morning…” I nuzzled my face in his neck again, this time tasting that mouthwatering spot and making him squirm.

“Are you seriously trying to get me hard in the middle of the bar?”

“Is it working?” I whispered, nipping his earlobe.

“Fuck, you know it is.”

I laughed against his skin. “Yeah, I do.”

“You know, two can play this game.” Cole slid his arm around my waist, his other hand landing on my lower abs, dangerously close to the tip of my cock. He stretched his pinky finger down, running it over the head, and I jumped, grabbing his hand as he laughed. I was lucky we were facing the wall.

“I’m gonna have a wet spot on my damn shorts.”

“That’ll teach you not to start what you can’t finish.”

“Probably best not to finish whatever the hell you’re talking about in the middle of the bar.” We both turned our heads to see Jared’s laidback grin, one light eyebrow cocked. “Just sayin’.”

“Shit. Where’d you come from?” I laughed, shoving my friend’s shoulder.

“Uh, did you forget where you are? You know, the public bar lots of people hang out at? Not like I snuck in, though, I’m thinkin’ y’all wish you could sneak out.” Jared shoved his hands in the pockets of his khaki shorts and rocked back on his heels.

“Man, I wish I could. This is the lull before the happy hour rush.” Not that I was complaining. I’d never get tired of seeing SandBar packed full of patrons, enjoying life at a place I’d built.

Jared studied us both a second, a smirk curling up one corner of his mouth. “Too bad your office door doesn’t lock.” He stuck his tongue in his cheek, looking back and forth between us both.

“It locks.”

When Jared casually said, “Huh, well whaddya know?” it took a second for my brain to catch up. Jared wiggled his brows. “See ya tomorrow.” He turned and meandered toward the door.

Apparently, Cole had caught on, too, grabbing my hand and dragging me toward my office door.

“Cole, we can’t…”

My pathetic attempt at trying to hold on to sanity fled as soon as the door closed behind us and Cole pushed me back against it, clicking the lock. He crashed his mouth into mine, a sweet little whimper humming in the back of his throat when he pushed his tongue to taste me.

Fuck logic.

Cole moved his mouth across my cheek, his hot breath puffing against my ear. “You know the best part about this office?”

“We’re locked inside it?” I traveled my hands down, holding on to each firm muscle of his ass.

“That, and…” Cole maneuvered us both in front of the one-way glass of the window, turning me so I was facing it, his body pressed against my back. “Could you imagine if they could see in the way we can see out?” He slid his hand down my stomach, covering my hardened cock then giving a squeeze. There was a low credenza underneath the window, keeping us back a foot from the glass. “What would they say if they knew what was going on in here? If they saw me opening your shorts”—Cole popped open the button and slid the zipper down—“so I could pull your hard cock out?”

“What’s with you and windows lately?” I sucked in and breath and moaned, “Fuck, Cole,” leaning my head back on his shoulder, my eyes squeezing shut as cool air hit my dick, and Cole’s warm hand wrapped around it. The other hand splayed against my stomach, holding me against him and in front of the window, while my underwear and shorts pooled at my feet.

“I didn’t see the appeal at first, but damn, there’s something exhilarating…sexy…primal…about not being able to keep my hands off you, no matter who’s watching. Imagine a sea of unknown faces, seeing us…watching me put my hand up to your mouth”—Cole released my cock then touched my lips with this fingers—“while you get it nice and wet.”

I kept my eyes closed, holding his hand to my mouth as I licked his palm and fingers. My head fell back on his shoulder when he took me in hand. Even without seeing out that window, I felt like my cock and the way I surrendered to Cole was on display. Cole was right—the risk alone made me even harder.

Cole worked my cock in steady strokes, his grip perfect, his thumb brushing over the sensitive tip, smearing pre-come around the mushroom head. “Open your eyes, Aiden.” I tensed in his arms and he must have felt it because he whispered, “Trust me.”

“Okay, but I need to be able to look people in the eye tonight, and not after they’ve looked me in the…eye.” It was one thing to picture a sea of unknown faces, it was another to see someone I knew while coming my brains out.

Cole chuckled in my ear. “I said, trust me.”

Slowly, I opened my eyes, breathing a sigh of relief when there was no one in view. Still, staring through the glass, seeing the bar area while Cole pumped my cock was a fucking rush.

“You think I’m amazing?” Cole rasped in my ear. “Look at all you made, Aiden. I never thought steel and wood could be so erotic, but then I look at this place and think…he’s touched every inch of my body with hands that have left their mark on every inch of this bar. The same hands that make my favorite lager also make me come so hard my fucking eyes cross.”

Cole reached down with his other hand, pulling on my full balls, just the way I liked. Someone laughed in the bar area, and I closed my eyes, falling back into the fantasy. That’s when Cole decided to shift in front of me and drop to his knees, sucking my cock down his throat. “Oh fuck…”

I tilted my head down, and only then did I open my eyes to see my wet cock sliding in and out of Cole’s mouth. What would it look like to someone watching us? Cole on his knees, his head bobbing as he hummed and slurped on my dick, his glistening lips stretched around my girth, my shorts around my ankles. I felt exposed in front of that window—riding a fucking high like no other.

“I’m gonna come.” I pumped my hips, knowing he could take it, but when his hand slid between my legs and his finger tapped on my hole, I was fucking done for. I bit my fist, my limbs jerking, my dick shooting come down Cole’ throat. “Oh shit…fuck…” One more jolt shook my body, my balls completely drained.

Cole stood up, grabbed a tissue from the box behind him, and daintily wiped each corner of his mouth like he’d just dined on an exquisite feast. I lifted my underwear and shorts back up, taking in the pleased look in his eyes. He was proud of himself.

But like he’d said earlier…two could play that game.

His eyes widened comically when I grabbed his arms and flipped him around so he was facing the window. His hands landed on the credenza, his ass pushed out toward me. “Don’t move. You’ll have to take your chances with the window. I won’t be able to see if anyone’s there.”

Then I undid his shorts, dropped to my knees, and yanked his pants down. “Holy shit. Holy…shit…” The last word trailed off into a moan when I spread his ass open and spit on his hole. I laved my tongue over his entrance. I fucking loved tasting him. “You’re sure no one can see through this glass?”

I snorted a laugh. “Now you ask? Yes, it’s fucking one-way.”

“Okay, good, ’cause I don’t think I can stop stroking my dick now, even if I wanted toooo…oh fuck…” I stiffened my tongue, pushing the tip inside him. I couldn’t stop the laugh that came out when Cole started saying, “Nothing to see here folks. Just Aiden Rafferty eating my ass. Why, no, my hole is not on the menu. Thanks for ask”—he yelped when I slapped his ass cheek then tongued his hole again—“iiiiing.”

Cole’s hand flew over his cock, jerking and sucking sounds in the office completely obscene in the best possible way. Everything was better with Cole.

I listened to him moan then squeak when he said, “Shit. Close your eyes, Cole.” I didn’t even have to look to know someone was in view, but there was no stopping me now.

Time to make this wave break onto the damn shore.

I spun him around while getting my finger wet, fucking loving the sounds he made—soft whimpers, high-pitched hums of pleasure, gruff, sexy words telling me to make him come.

Sucking his dick into my mouth, I reached my hand between his legs, like he’d done to me. Forget tapping on that hot opening. No, I sank my finger inside him and tapped on that spot that I knew would make it next to impossible for him not to cry out.

Cole gripped my hair painfully, and through clenched teeth, hissed, “Jesus…freaking Christmas…fuck, fuck, fuuuck...” His body shook, his cock emptying hot sticky liquid down the back of my throat. You can bet your ass, I didn’t waste a single drop.

After the last tremor ran through his body, I let his cock fall from my mouth, grabbing my own tissue to wipe the corners of my mouth while he looked on with a half-lidded, come-drunk gaze.

We stared at each other a second as I stood up and he tucked himself back in. Then both of us busted out laughing.

“Holy shit. So that just happened.”

I grinned, my chest swelling with pride and love. “Yep…and if you don’t fix your hair and wipe that I just came down Aiden’s throat look off your face, we’ll never hear the end of it.”

We went into the small half-bath attached to my office and cleaned up, staring at each other in the mirror.

“Hope you enjoyed your appe-teaser.” He winked, giving me a lazy smile. “Be prepared to finish the meal when you get home.” The wide-eyed look on his face told me he’d just realized what he’d said.

Wrapping my arms around his waist, I pulled him against me and replied, “When I get home, my meal better be prepared and on the table.” I nuzzled his neck in my favorite spot, kissing his warm skin.

“Well, that’s a surface we haven’t christened yet.”

Moving my head back, I met his eyes. “We’ve got forever to christen them all.”

He leaned his forehead against mine. “We better get back out there before we get too cheesy, even for us.”

Snorting, I kissed his forehead and took his hand. “Come on.”

Walking out into the bar area, there was a second where it felt like everyone must have known what we just did. Of course, no one was actually paying attention to us. I gave Cole a peck on the lips when we reached the bar then let go of his hand so I could go behind it and get ready for the happy hour rush. Jesse gave us both a facetious smile that said she sure as hell was paying attention. “Not a word,” I uttered, trying to hold back my own smile.

Jesse held her hands up innocently. “I didn’t say anything.”

“Mmhmm…” I shook my head at her but still couldn’t find an ounce of embarrassment or regret for what Cole and I had just done.

A guy sat down at the bar, and I took that as my opportunity to ignore Jesse and her teasing laugh. I waved a hand to Cole as he motioned that he was leaving, then said to the customer, “Hey, what can I getcha?”

The guy looked around me to the taps. “How about a Jim’s IPA, and…whatcha got on the menu?”

Cole tripped over his feet a few steps away from the guy, his face flaming as he looked at me and tried to hold in a laugh.

Keeping Cole’s gaze, I answered the guy. “We’ve got a few delicious specials.” A huge grin spread across my face when Cole shook his head with a smirk. Looking back at the customer, I added, “My suggestion? It’s always best to start with an appetizer.”

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Santa Sagey: A Landing Levi Bonus Scene

Santa Sagey

A Landing Levi Bonus Scene

Copyright: Jaclyn Quinn



“That’s the wrong hole, moron.”


Ford shifted to a kneeling position on the floor, narrowing his eyes at Burke. “I don’t need your help filling a hole, asswipe. And get those blasphemous socks outta here.” He shoved Burke’s feet off the coffee table while the rest of us laughed. 

Burke snorted, lifting one foot back onto the table with a thunk followed by the other as he crossed his legs at the ankles. Well Hung was printed on each sock with a picture of a Christmas stocking. “Now, now, Ford. There’s no reason to be upset just because your mom thinks these amazing socks fit me to a T.”


Ford gagged dramatically, pressing the back of his hand to his mouth. “Oh god… Here it comes…  Sage”—gag—“ I hope you don’t”—another gag—love this rug.” Most dramatic gag in the history of gags.

“You puke on my expensive rug, Ford Ashton, and I will beat the holly right outta your jolly.”

“Damn, Levi. Your man’s a little scary.” Ford crawled away from Sage on said rug.


“You pronounced sexy wrong,” I wrapped my arms around Sage’s chest from behind. “And there’s nothing little about him.”

Sage grabbed my forearm and turned his head to give me a kiss. “You tell him, babe.” He looked back down at Ford. “Now, are you ready for some help? When I said I wanted to give this kitchen playset to my nutter butters for Christmas, I meant this year. You in tomorrow.”

“Fine,” Ford griped. “But, let the record show, I was more than willing and capable to do it on my own.”


Cole patted the top of Ford’s head. “Whatever helps you sleep at night, buddy.” 


Ford turned to Noah and huffed incredulously. “You are hereby declared sole best friend.”


Noah squeezed his eyes shut and pumped his fist in the air. “Yes!” When his eyes popped back open, he looked at Ford with a cocked eyebrow. “So, how long should I wait to tell you it’s the wrong hole?”


Ford threw his hands in the air and groaned while we all howled with laughter. “I give up. Time for some more eggnog.” He pushed to his feet and grabbed his glass off the coffee table.


“Get me some, too!” Burked yelled, receiving Ford’s middle finger in response and more laughter.


I couldn’t ever remember being this happy in my life. I’d taken the biggest chance a few days ago at Vessels of Light, and boy did it pay off. Sage and I spent every available second together since. Seeing the way he fit in with my friends—my family—was the best Christmas gift I’d ever gotten.

“What are you thinking about?” I whispered in Sage’s ear. He turned in my arms, sliding his around my waist to pull me closer.

Heat flared in Sage’s eyes seconds before he smacked a kiss on my lips. “That we better hurry the fuck up on that kitchen because I have plans to unwrap something else tonight.” 

“I’m on it. That thing will be done in under an hour. Mark my words.” I kissed Sage’s forehead and moved him aside. I was a man on a mission because, holy shit, did I want to be unwrapped.


Fifty-five minutes later, I shoved my best friends out the front door, each of them laughing and teasing the two of us. Obviously, neither one of us gave a shit. I wanted alone time with my man. Tomorrow was going to be hectic with Sage’s family. When Sage had said he wanted to buy the playset for the kids, Billy only had one stipulation: “I don’t care as long as you keep that monstrosity at your house. Good luck with that, Uncle Sage.” She followed that up with a sisterly patronizing pat on his head. Billy and Scott planned to bring the kids over in the morning so they could see the kitchen set at Sage’s house. 

Right now? I had Sage all to myself.


“Finally!” Sage wrapped his arms around my neck, sealing his mouth over mine. He swept his tongue inside, owning me, before pulling away. Smacking one more kiss to my lips, he said, “How about we give each other one present tonight?”

“Can’t wait, huh?” I leaned in and nuzzled his neck, licking the spot right over his pulse.


“Don’t wanna wait anymore, for anything.”

I drew back to stare into those gorgeous blue eyes. “Me neither.” We’d waited long enough. Now, it was time to start living life to the fullest, together. I pecked his lips one more time then grabbed his hand and dragged him into the living room. “Me first. I’ve been dying to give you this since I found it.”

Pulling him down next to me on the floor, I reached under the lit up Christmas tree and grabbed a small box with gold wrapping paper. Sage took it from me and shook it next to his ear.

“Hey, that’s cheating.” I laughed, shoving his arm as I leaned back against the couch.

He scrunched his face up. “Feels too heavy to be diamonds.”

I snorted and shook my head. “Fuck, if you’re expecting diamonds, I’m in trouble.”

Sage climbed over my lap, straddling my thighs. He set the box down on the couch cushion behind my head, leaning in to cover my mouth with his own. I got lost in him all over again; it was impossible not to. When he broke the kiss, he whispered, “Even diamonds couldn’t make me happier than I am right now.”


Rather than getting choked up, making this an overly sappy and emotional moment, I swallowed the lump in my throat and nodded. 


Sage took the box off the couch and started to unwrap it. My smile grew bigger as he pulled the lid off. He took the jar out of the box and laughed, reading, “Me So Honey.” The play on words had made me laugh when I’d found the jar of honey online weeks ago. He was laughing harder than I thought he would, though. “Oh man, if I didn’t think we were perfect for each other before...” Sage reached over and picked up a red box, handing it to me. “Keep in mind, this wasn’t the gift I planned to give you tonight, so technically, I still have something else for you.”


“Okay, that sounds like you’re cheating again, but since I’m benefiting from it, I’ll allow it.” I’d never felt comfortable showing my true self except with my best friends. With Sage, I didn’t need to be anyone but me. I unwrapped the box, carefully trying not to rip the paper.


“Holy shit, please tell me that’s not how slow you’re gonna unwrap everything tonight.”


I shrugged. “We’ll see.” Finally, I opened it and busted out a laugh when I pulled the jar out. “Bone Suckin’ Sauce.”


Sage tilted his head, giving me a cocky look. “I mean, seriously. Am I right? What are the odds we both got sauces with tons of innuendo to put on our meat?” He leaned in and licked a stripe up over my lips.


“You put honey on meat?” Then the next thought registered, and I swore I felt my eyes bulging. “Wait, if you think you’re putting either one of those on my meat, you’re outta your mind.”


Sage started cracking up, his body shaking with laughter. “You should see your face right now!” 


I groaned. “Babe, if you don’t want this over before it begins, you need to stop rubbing all over my dick.”


He abruptly stopped moving. “You mean this?” He grabbed the couch, bracing each hand on either side of my head, and rocked his hips, pressing his cock against mine. “Don’t do this?” He did it again...and again...until finally I stuck my hand between his legs and covered his growing erection with my palm.


“You’re evil,” I rasped out, massaging his cock and balls to pull a moan from him.


Sage threw his head back, pushing his dick against my hand. “You love me this way.”


“Fuck, yeah, I do.” Jesus, it was incredible how easy it was to admit it. I loved him so fucking much. 


“Hold that thought…” Sage jumped up before I could stop him, pointing over his shoulder at me. “Stay there.” The longest few minutes of my life later, Sage walked back into the living room, empty handed and looking exactly as he had before he went into this bedroom.


“What did you just do?”


Sage took up residence again on my lap, his legs on either side or me. “Nothing. Where were we?” All it took was the grind of his cock against mine and I was immediately on the same page. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him to me, crashing my mouth against his. “Your other gift,” he mumbled against my mouth. “I didn’t give it to you yet.”


“It can wait, can’t it?” I lifted his shirt up and closed my mouth over his nipple.


“It—oh fuck. It can’t—” Sage pushed his fingers into my hair, holding my mouth against him. “Fuck it. Yeah, it can wait, if you hurry the hell up.” 


Wrapping my arm around his waist, I shifted him until he was stretched out on the floor beneath me. Damned if he didn’t look like the most amazing gift with the colorful, glowing lights from the tree reflected in his eyes. I couldn’t help but stare at what was mine, my eyes traveling over every inch of him.


“You gonna unwrap me, or what?” he said in a deep, impatient voice that shot straight to my dick.


“I sure am. Slowly, I’ve decided, tasting every inch of skin I reveal.” I leaned down, burrowing my face against his neck as I licked over his pulse once more.


“Oh my god, you’re gonna kill me,” Sage groaned as he tilted his head away and gave me more access to his neck.


I picked my head up and locked my gaze on his. “No. I’m gonna forking savor you, now quit complaining and let me feast.” 


“I’ve never been so turned on by food or utensils before in my life.”


Curling my lips in, I attempted to keep a serious face, but it was no use. I hung my head, cracking up while Sage giggle-snorted.


He pushed to a sitting position, making me sit up too, and yanked his shirt over his head, tossing it. Next he grabbed mine and shoved it up until I had no choice but to take it off. “Whoa...what happened to me savoring you dammit?”


Sage settled back on the carpet, taking me with him. “Levi Hansen, if you don’t hurry the fuck up and get me naked, we’re both gonna have a blue Christmas, and it sure as hell won’t be the one Elvis meant.” 


Okay, even I could admit I was moving too damn slow. I needed him naked and I needed it now. I shimmied down his legs and opened his tight jeans then yanked them. His whole body came with them, his arms flailing as he slid on the thin carpet toward me. Before I knew it, we were laughing again. 


You really are trying…” Sage yelled in between laughs, “to kill me!” 


“It’s not my fault your jeans are painted on!” I wiped the tears from my eyes, taking deep breaths to calm my laughter. Reaching down, I gripped his waist and lifted. “Stand up so I can peel these things off you.”


“Wow, now I really am the food. Banana, anyone?” Sage stood up, using one of my shoulders for purchase while I kneeled in front of him.


“Don’t mind if I do.” I got the jeans to his thighs, pressing my open mouth over his cock—and stopped. I stared at his underwear in confusion and licked his covered erection again. “What the hell’s going on with your dick?”


Sage worked his jeans completely off. Grabbing my chin so I’d look at him, he replied, “Why don’t you find out?”


Quickly, I pulled the waistband of his briefs out and down, releasing his— “Holy mother of… Best. Christmas. Ever.” I couldn’t take my eyes off the red silicone ring at the base of his cock, complete with a bow to match.


Sage’s eyes darkened as he kicked his underwear completely off. “I told Santa SageyI had another gift for you. Now do you see the hurry?” 


“Santa Sagey?” I repeated, my eyes focused on the present in front of me. I stared at his cock and licked my lips, my mouth salivating. 


“I said hurry, Levi.”


“Right! Right.” I shoved the remainder of my clothes off in record time. Sage watched with humor in his wide eyes, his mouth hanging open.


He yelped when I grabbed his arm and dragged him down to the floor. I was between his legs with his cock in my mouth within seconds. “Oh fuck.” Sage’s back arched off the floor, his hands sliding into my hair. Every glide of my mouth down his cock had the red bow brushing against my face—a reminder of all he was giving me. “Wait,” Sage said breathlessly, but his hands still held my head over his cock. “Jesus, you’re good at that.” I bobbed my head a few more times. “No, wait…wait…” I gave his incredibly hard cock one last suck and let it fall from my mouth. “I want you inside me when I come.”


“Hell yeah.” I licked the purple head of his stiff cock, then reached back under the tree next to the couch and came back with condoms and lube.


Sage laughed. “When did you put those there?”


“Earlier. I had visions of fucking you right next to the Christmas tree. I must be psychic or something.” I winked and he laughed harder.


“Or something…” He rolled his eyes, yelping again as I pulled him up and positioned him on his knees, facing the couch. “Keep tossing me around so you can have your wicked way with me, and…” he warned, his words trailing off when I spread his cheeks and buried my face in his ass, truly feasting on him. Sage pushed back against my mouth, little sounds releasing with each breath and swipe of my tongue. 


Pulling away, I spread lube on my fingers and began loosening his body for me. “And what?”


“What?” he breathed out in confusion, hanging his head as I pushed two fingers inside him and tapped his prostate.


I snorted and watched my man struggle to keep up with words while I played with him. “And you’ll what?”


“That was it. Carry on—oh fuck, Levi, I need you now.” Sage kept both hands on the couch, his body trembling. Which meant one of two things: He wanted to come hands free, or if he touched his dick right now, he’d come too early. I was hell bent on making only one of those options happen.


Quickly, I suited up and got my dick nice and slick. Then I was there, pressing the head of my cock against his hole. When I pushed into him, our groans combined and echoed around the room. 


“Hard and fast. Levi me like you’ve never Levi’d me before.” I snorted and pulled almost all the way out then snapped my hips forward, driving into him. “Yes!” Sage hung his head and whimpered.


He needed hard and fast and I was gonna give it to him. I pounded into him, pegging his prostate and fucking living for the high-pitched noises he was making. I could feel his hole tightening around me. No doubt, the cock ring was intensifying his building orgasm. My eyes crossed as I concentrated on making him come before I did. 


Sage cried out, his hole like a pulsing vise around me as he came so fucking hard his body jerked almost violently. He held onto the couch and flattened his back, hanging his head between his arms as his cock released without him even touching it. Finally, I let myself go, shouting as I thrust inside him and froze for half a second when the first of my load shot out. I pumped my hips, skin slapping skin, electric currents zapping throughout my body then out my dick in blinding pleasure. I felt the aftershocks twitching through Sage’s body slowing down. 


Reluctantly, when we were both wrung out, I pulled out, gripping the base of the condom. I fell to my back, Sage following and landing next to me, both of us completely exhausted and fucked out. He carefully worked the cock ring off, letting it fall beside him to the floor. Tying off the condom, I put it on the rug next to me, immediately huffing out a laugh.


“What?” Sage asked, turning his head to look at me. 


“You gonna beat the holly outta my jolly for putting the condom on your rug?”


Sage’s eyes lit up and he laughed with me. “There’s a puddle next to me where my dick shot off so hard I saw stars.”


“Damn, and here I thought getting the holly beat out of my jolly sounded fun.” I wiggled my eyebrows.


Sage leaned over me, his hand on my chest. “Dick the Halls? Let it Blow? Let it Blow? Let it Blow?”


We both looked at each other and busted out laughing. “I think the puns have snowballed into cheesy territory.” 


He moved in and kissed me, clearing my mind of any cheesy puns with every sweep of his tongue against mine. 


When he pulled back, he looked at me seriously, his fingers tracing a pattern on my chest. “I love you, so hear me out because I just really need you to know something.” 


“What?” My pulse raced as I waited.


“Baby, you can ring my Jingle Bells anytime, anywhere.” Sage wiggled his brows as he climbed on top of me, swallowing my laugh in a mind-bending kiss.


Merry Christmas to me.


Yoga-Bendy, FTW: A Flustering Ford Bonus Scene

Yoga-Bendy, FTW

A Flustering Ford Bonus Scene

Copyright: Jaclyn Quinn



“Sorry, babe, what were you saying?” I stared at Abe with a shit-eating grin on my face, reveling in the deep crimson color blotching his cheeks.

“What are you doing?” he squeaked, his eyes zeroing in on my bare cock as I walked in front of the TV with a rag in my hand and the can of Pledge in the other.

I looked at him like he was crazy. “Isn’t it obvious? I’m dusting.”

Abe narrowed his eyes. “With your dick hanging out?”

Shrugging, I looked down at my shorts hooked underneath my cock, trying to seem as innocent as possible. “I don’t see what the problem is. Maybe you could point it out?” I turned toward him, my dick bouncing at half-mast and pointing right at Abe.

This bet had been going on for one very long, very frustrating day. One of us had to fold before I lost my damn mind. Whose bright idea was it to do this every few weeks anyway? Mine. It was mine. But, I had to admit, it was fun as hell to see how creative we could get before one of us folded.

Abe was in the lead so far with three wins under his belt, but I was determined to come out on top this time. Literally.

Abe scratched his jaw and cocked an eyebrow. “Are you saying it’s hard to see? Is that really how you want to play this?”

Damn him. I strode across the living room, stopping in front of him as he sat on the couch. “Are you gonna measure it for me? Let’s see your tongue. We’ll use it as a guide. That way, if anyone asks how long my dick actually is, I can tell them it’s blank Abe-tongues long. I’m thinking it’s at least four of your tongues put together, but we really should make sure our measurements are accurate when I’m hard.”

Abe licked his lips as he stared with half-lidded eyes. I so have this one in the fucking bag. He sat forward on the couch and leaned in, breathing in my scent but not touching me. “Who the hell is gonna ask how long your dick is? Damn you smell good.”

“You never know, which is why it’s best to be prepared.”

Abe stared up at me, heat swirling in those gorgeous hazel eyes. “So, you’re saying”—he stuck his tongue out and pretended to lick the head of my dick, never touching me as I sucked in a breath—“that you need my tongue”—my eyes rolled back in my head when his hot breath hit my sensitive skin—“to measure how long your erection is?”

I swallowed hard, my mouth running dry as I tried to remember what words were. “Yup.” It came out at a higher pitch than I’d intended, but I didn’t give a shit. Not when my dick was so close to heaven.

Abe lifted my hand and kissed the back of it. My skin prickled when he stuck his tongue out as far as he could. I watched in anticipation as he leaned forward, took my index finger and thumb, and put one on either end of the portion of his tongue sticking out. He pulled my hand away, holding onto my fingers so they didn’t move. Cocking that damn eyebrow again, he held up my hand, still keeping my fingers in the same position. “There you go. That should do it. Measure away, sir.” Damned if the bastard didn’t wink at me before, letting my hand go, standing up, and walking into the kitchen. “I’m gonna make a sandwich. Want anything?”

“You’re evil, Abraham.” I looked down at my cock in sympathy for the way the poor guy had just been teased. 

“BLTs sound good?” I could hear him opening the fridge to grab what he needed.

I looked to the doorway Abe had just gone through then back down at my neglected dick, but when the scent of bacon hit my nose, my stomach growled. Shrugging, I tucked myself back in and strode to the kitchen.

This round…

Abraham: one

Ford’s dick: big fat zero

Ford’s stomach: hello, bacon 



“Y’all are seriously at it again?” Cole asked with a shake of his head. He looked up at Aiden who’d stopped next to him. Aiden was on shift at SandBar, but that didn’t stop him from coming over to our table to see Cole every chance he got. “We’re never doing this, so don’t even think about it.”

Aiden huffed. “No way in hell. There’d be no point. I’d cave in after an hour.”

Cole smacked the back of Aiden’s calf, giving him a snarky grin. “Damn right, you would.”

Abe rested his elbow on the back of my chair as his fingers brushed through the hair above my nape. The brat knew what he was doing to me. “I’m surprised Ford hasn’t given up yet. He did put forth a solid attempt this afternoon, but I’m afraid his efforts fell short.”

Oh no he didn’t…Pfft… Please.” I rolled my eyes. “Trust me, you’ll get a solid effort tonight, Manning.”

“Anyone else feel like they need a shower?” Sage asked, fanning himself.

“More like brain bleach,” Burke grumbled, stealing a fry off my plate.

I smacked his arm as he popped the fry in his mouth. “Hey! Keep your paws off my potatoes, jackass.”

He smirked and snagged another one, laughing when I smacked him harder. “Now I see why Abe wins so easily. Your defense is lacking.” Burke leaned forward so he could see Abe. “Is he this slow at everything?”

Abe’s eyes softened as they flicked to me. His fingers stilled on the back of my head for a second then continued their torturous motion. “Trust me, I have zero complaints about my man.” Pride puffed my chest until he added, “Especially the fact that he can’t win a bet. Like taking candy from a baby.”

I narrowed my eyes as the guys all laughed. “We’ll see about that.”

Abe’s eyes darkened. “We sure will.”

“Well, on that note!” Sage stood up and threw money on the table, then pulled Levi out of his chair. “Good luck with your Blue-Balls Bet. Levi and I don’t have that much self-control and we’re not afraid to admit it, right, baby?”

Levi’s face flushed pink, but the look he was giving Sage said it all. “Right.” He looked at the rest of us, saying over his shoulder as Sage pulled him toward the door, “See ya.”

“Noah, you ready to get outta here? Happy couples make me twitch.” Burke stood up and tossed a couple twenties on the table.

“Happy couples don’t make me twitch,” Noah replied, giving Abe and me a sappy smile that turned to a glower real fast. “Unless the reason why they’re so happy is from all the sex.” He stood up in a huff, but his sour facade cracked and out came that smile again. “See ya.”

Cole was the next to stand up. He put his own money down on the table which Aiden immediately scowled at and handed right back to Cole. 

“Get outta here with that,” he said, giving Cole a kiss. “I’ll see you at home in about an hour.”

Cole stood up, clapping his hands like one of those toy monkeys with the cymbals. “And we’ll get to have all the sex because we’re not competitive dumbasses?” Aiden pulled Cole to him and whispered in his ear. I didn’t even need to hear the words to know the gist of what he’d just promised. Cole’s eyes glazed over as he said, “Yeah, we will.”

“Oh for fuck’s sake. That’s it.” I stood up, pulling Abe with me. Tossing money for the both of us down on the table, I grabbed his hand. “This ends tonight, Manning.”

Abe laughed, waving to our friends as I pulled him toward the door. “About time you gave in.”


“Oh, trust me, I’m not giving in.” As soon as the night air surrounded us, I pushed Abe back against the wall of the building. His breath caught and his eyelids slid closed. “Look at me.” My voice came out deep and raspy from how badly I wanted him. He must have heard it because he focused on me again. “This time you’re going down, folding, bending to my every will”—I stepped even closer—“giving in until your eyes roll back in your head, sweat covers your smooth skin, and I come inside you so hard your muscles will ache too much for your precious yoga in the morning.”

His hand landed on my chest, the heat from it seeping through the cotton of my T-shirt. “Keep tellin’ yourself that, babe.” He gave me a wink then pushed past me.

“Dammit.” I caught up with him and saw his cocky grin. Oh, I’m so wiping that grin off your face with my cock.

As soon as we walked in the door, Abe headed for the bedroom. “I’m gonna get changed. Be right out.”

“Yeah, yeah,” I grumbled to myself as I yanked open the fridge. Popping open a beer, I dropped down on the couch and kicked my sneakers off. I was about to turn the TV on when Abe came back out into the living room in light blue, loose-fitting yoga pants—clearly freeballing it—and a white tank. He stopped right in front of the TV and unrolled his mat, laying it on the floor.

“What are you doing? It’s after nine.”

Abe stretched his arms over his head, facing away from me. “What does it look like I’m doing? Better squeeze it in tonight if we’re gonna have all the muscle-aching, yoga-preventing sex tonight.” He shook his ass then bent at the waist, aiming it right at me.

“Nice try, but I’m not caving this time,” I warned, barely believing myself.

“We’ll see about that.” Abe pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it back at me, laughing when it landed on my head. “Oops.”

“I’m not measuring your dick with my tongue, if that’s where this is headed.” Man, I loved watching his long, lean muscles as he transitioned to each move. 

“Mhmm,” he said, giving me one last mischievous smile over his shoulder before sliding the yoga pants down his legs and kicking them to the side.

“Fuck.” I shifted on the couch, adjusting my rapidly filling cock.

“That’s the plan.” Legs spread wide, he bent at the waist again, giving me an unobstructed view of his hole.

Clearing my throat, I said in a weak tone, “You don’t play fair, Abraham.”

“I don’t have to play fair, as long as I play by the rules enough to win.” He stood up then looked down at the coffee table. “You know, I’d have so much more room to move if this wasn’t in the way.” He came to my side of the table, leaned down with his bare ass practically in my face, and pushed the table off to the side. I almost swallowed my damn tongue just trying to keep it out of that tempting ass.

Think of gross things…moldy food and worms…worms coming out of moldy food…worms slithering out of moldy peaches…peaches…that ass… Fuck!

Abe hung his head and cracked up.

“I said that out loud. Dammit.”


“You sure did.” He turned around and now his dick was in my face.

I licked my lips but managed to growl, “I’m not falling for it, Abraham.”


Abe shrugged his shoulders. “If you say so.” He went back to his mat, doing his teasing little poses, and I’d had enough. 

I set my bottle down hard on the end table and began to shed every piece of clothing, tossing each one at him. Satisfaction coursed through me when my boxer briefs landed on his head. “Oops.” He yanked them off but continued his torturous routine.

Standing up, I walked to the other side of him, so his face was eye level with my cock. “Yoga is all about focus, right? Let me give you something to focus on, Abe.”

“Shit,” he whispered, licking his lips as he stared at my dick but then hung his head so he couldn’t see me.

“Maybe me lying on the floor would work better for you?” I slid to my knees then to my back, my erection under his face now. Slowly, I began stroking my dick, using the drop of liquid at the tip to smooth the way. “I know yoga is relaxing for you, but nothing relaxes me like coming.” I braced my feet on the floor and lifted my hips closer to his mouth, still stroking myself. “Does my cock look ready to blow, Abe?” I swiped my fingers over the slit again, smearing the liquid. “It feels like it is.”

Abe completely stilled, but his breathing picked up. “You should know when you’re ready to blow, Ashton.”

“You’re right. It’s a good thing we said no below the waist. That means this is fair game, right?” I held the back of his head as I pushed my hips even closer, my cock never touching his face. Squeezing my tip, another bead of liquid seeped out. “Damn, I guess I’m getting close, huh? Would you say I’m getting close?”

Abe whimpered and I knew I had him. Swiping the liquid off my tip, I held my fingers to his mouth still not touching his lips. His legs finally gave out and he dropped to a kneeling position, straddling me. When he didn’t take the bait, I brought my fingers to my own lips, stuck my tongue out as if I was about to take a taste, then paused. “What’s wrong, Abe? You look…pained.”


“You’re such a dick.”


“Nah,” I pumped my hips, careful not to touch him and lose this round. “This is a dick. One I’m pretty sure is leaking like crazy. Is it leaking like crazy, Abe? Here, let me give you a better look.” I held my erection up, just under his mouth, my hand still gripping the back of his neck. “Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s leaking.” I waved the tip in front of his mouth and squeezed the head, liquid glistening as it slid down the side of my shaft. He whimpered again. So fucking close… Desperate and aching, I stroked myself. Fuck. If he didn’t give in soon—“Oh fuck,” I moaned as Abe swallowed my cock. My brain was too foggy with fucking need to celebrate my victory. Instead, I let Abe’s mouth reward my victory.

His mouth popped off my cock for a second. “Damn you, Ashton.” Immediately, he swallowed me again. My hands threaded through his sweaty hair, lost in the deep suction, my cock surrounded by wet heat. Unable to hold my trembling hips up any longer, my legs fell open as I dropped back down to the floor. Abe came with me, pinning me down as he took me deep over and over again.

Cool air hit my wet cock, my eyes popping open just in time to see him leaning over me, reaching toward a drawer in the TV stand. His balls were inches from my mouth, but I no longer had to resist because victory was already fucking mine. I grabbed his ass and leaned up, sucking one ball into my mouth. Abe’s hand landed hard on the TV stand and a deep groan left his mouth.


“I don’t know how I manage to make it five minutes without your mouth on me, never mind a day.” His voice was straining through every word.

I released him long enough to say, “Don’t know how I do it, either,” then took his sac back in my mouth. 

Abe took my hand and I could feel cool liquid cover my fingers. He pushed my hand between his legs, my fingers brushing over his hole. “Get me ready so I can ride you so hard, I won’t be able to do yoga in the morning.” He raised a teasing eyebrow, giving me a sexy smile. The man usually won these crazy challenges, but when he lost…holy shit…he knew how to pay up.

I pulled my mouth off him with a pop. “Hell yeah.” Pushing one finger into his hole, I worked him open until I was up to three fingers and he was riding my hand. As sexy as it was to see, I needed more. I slid my fingers out of him and grabbed his hips. “Sit on my cock. Now, Abraham.”

I fucking loved when he was so far gone, his only response was a moan of agreement. He nodded vigorously as he held my cock straight up, lining it up with his hole. Continuing that frantic nodding, he whispered over and over, “Yes, yes, yes, yessss…” until he’d taken me all the way inside him. 

My eyes crossed, scorching heat surrounding my dick. Abe’s hands landed on my chest as he did as promised. As hard as he was riding me, there was no way he was getting up in the morning to do yoga. Forget his limbs aching; the man was going to be so exhausted, he wouldn’t have the energy. I didn’t mind one fucking bit.

Skin slapped against skin, sweat dripped off us both, and heavy breathing filled the room. My head was spinning, lost in every sensation, begging for release. “I’m close. Fucking, ride me, Abe. That’s it…”

“So good…” He bit his bottom lip, his eyes squeezing shut.

“Uh uh. Open them. I want you looking right at me when you come all over my chest.” I gripped his hips, thrusting up to meet him every time he slammed back down. Everything else faded away except the two of us. 

Abe’s movements became frantic until he locked his eyes on mine, slammed back down one more time, and blew his load all over me, just like I told him to. I took over, thrusting up into him, pushing out every last drop from him as I hit his prostate repeatedly.

My neck straining, I pumped my hips one last time then froze as I emptied my bare cock into him. My hips jerked with each pulse until I was as wrung out as he was. Abe collapsed on my chest as we both tried to catch our breaths.

“I’m totally laying in my own jizz right now.”

I barked out a laugh and wrapped my arms around him so he couldn’t move. “I don’t see an issue, seeing as how you lost anyway.”

Abe smacked my side and laughed. “Doesn’t really feel like I lost. Delayed gratification is fucking amazing.”

“Yeah, it is. The guys don’t know what they’re missing out on.”

He lifted his head up. “Something tells me they’re not suffering.”

“True.” I leaned in and kissed him. “This just goes to show, we’re perfect for each other. They couldn’t handle it, but damned if we don’t have some fucking fun.”

“Pun intended?” he asked.

I snorted. “Yeah.” Kissing his forehead, I whispered, “Do you know how much I love you?”

Abe’s smile was huge. “I never get tired of hearing it.”

“I love you as much as I love sandwiches. No! More than I love sandwiches.” I gave him a goofy grin.

Abe sucked in a breath, his eyes wide. “That might be the most romantic thing you’ve ever said to me.”

I laughed. “Jeez, I hope that’s not true.”

Abe smiled and leaned down, kissing me softly. “I know how much you love me. I love you just as much.”

“Damn right, you do.” I rolled us over, starting all over again. Having him once wasn’t nearly enough after twenty-four hours of not touching him. I needed to take all I could get of him and store it up for the next challenge.

Abe and Ford: tied

Yoga-Bendy: for the win

Noah Bonus Scene

Noah Time: Navigating Noah Bonus Scene

Noah Time

A Navigating Noah Bonus Scene

Copyright: Jaclyn Quinn



“Whoa, little guy. Where do you think you’re going?” I swooped Logan up in my arms seconds before he made a break for it into the hallway, his high-pitched squeal of delight like music to my ears. “You think that’s funny?” I tickled his side and he squirmed, looking at me with those big eyes the second I stopped as he waited for me to do it again.

The last four months had passed by in a blur of firsts… First steps, First Halloween, first Thanksgiving, first Christmas, first New Year’s Eve… Today was extra special, though.

“Okay, it’s ready!” Hunter called from the kitchen. The second Logan heard his voice, he mumbled a string of Dadas.

“Are you ready? Let’s go see what Daddy’s doing.” I carried Logan down the short hall and into the kitchen, my eyes landing on three colorful cupcakes sitting on the island in front of Logan’s high chair. A single candle stood up in the middle of the cupcake with the most frosting. “Who could that be for?”

Hunter crossed the kitchen, his warm hand landing on my back and his other arm encircling Logan. Our little family was more than I ever dreamed I’d have. I couldn’t remember a time when I was this happy.

Hunter leaned in, giving Logan a bunch of kisses on his chubby cheek. I welcomed the kiss when he turned that enticing mouth toward me. “I’m glad it turned out this way. Not that I don’t want the rest of the family to celebrate his birthday, but I like having this night just for us.”

“Me, too.” Logan’s birthday fell on a Wednesday, but we’d decided to hold off having the rest of the family over until  Sunday, making it easier for everyone’s busy schedules. Logan’s first birthday was a huge deal to us all, and we wanted our family to surround this little boy with all the love they could. Tonight, however, was just for the three of us.

I put the baby in the high chair then fastened a bib on him. If there was ever a night he needed it, this was it. Logan banged his hands repeatedly on the tray. The big Mylar balloon attached to the back of the chair, in the shape of the number one, bounced in rhythm. Logan’s eyes grew wide, watching the candle Hunter lit in the cupcake dance and flicker.

Hunter and I sang Logan the birthday song, both of us incredibly off-key, then held the cupcake in front of Logan as we blew the candle out for him. I had no doubt the wish we’d made for him would come true.

I took the candle out of the cupcake then Hunter removed the wrapper. The second he set it down in front of Logan, Logan stopped banging his hands and looked at the confection in awe.

“Here, let me show you…” Hunter took the baby’s hand and swiped his tiny finger through the frosting, then brought it to Logan’s lips. The second Logan tasted the sweet treat, his eyes widened and he went straight in for more. Hunter huffed out an amused laugh. “He’s definitely going to need a bath before bed.”

“He sure is, but it’s worth it.” I leaned the side of my head against Hunter’s, perfectly content to stand there and watch Logan annihilate his very first birthday cake.

“Yeah, it is.” Hunter reached over to the island and swiped his finger into the colorful frosting of one of the other cupcakes. He lifted it to my lips, his dark eyes locked on my mouth as he smeared the frosting like lip gloss on my tingling skin. “Oops. Looks like you’re gonna need one, too.”

My tongue snaked out, swiping a path along my lips in one fluid motion, Hunter’s eyes growing even darker while he watched. “Looks like it. I still need to”—I looked at Logan out of the corner of my eye then back at Hunter—“blow out your candle.” We both laughed, and I leaned in and kissed him, only coming up for air when a slimy blob hit my cheek. “Well, that was lovely.” Hunter and I laughed even harder. I wiped the assaulting frosting from my face and laughed. “Jeez, little man. You’ve got some aim.”

The sugar-high Logan was surfing kept him up later than usual. After finally getting him cleaned up and into bed, Hunter and I were exhausted. I had work early the next morning, and Helen would be at the house by eight so Hunter could get on a work call.

As I snuggled against him in bed, my face buried in the crook of his neck, I vaguely remembered whispering something about Noah Time.

“Go to sleep, Noah. We’ve got all the time in the world.”



“Aw, look at that! He’s all ready to go out on the boat with his daddies now,” Helen said from the couch in our living room. The gang was all there, celebrating my son’s first birthday. It still amazed me every single day that this was my life now, but man, I fucking loved it.

Noah held up Logan’s new life vest, covered in characters from Finding Nemo, courtesy of Aiden and Cole. A year ago, I didn’t know anything about the Disney movie. Now, we watched a handful on repeat, and yeah, maybe I knew the words to all the songs, too. Sue me.

The day was a whirlwind of presents, family chatter, and cake. Lots of cake. Too much cake, but Uncle Burke insisted the cool uncle thing to do was to make Logan’s the biggest and best First Birthday cake that ever existed. I couldn’t argue about it. Burke sure as hell knew how to make a chocolate cake.

Of course, Ford insisted that the fun uncle thing to do was to shove as much cake in his mouth as he could and make faces at Logan until the baby laughed.

“Why am I not surprised you know how to communicate with a one-year-old?” Burke asked Ford.

Ford dramatically swallowed the food in his mouth, patting Burke on his buzzed head. “Told you I’m the funcle.”

Burke picked up several plates and balanced them in one hand, grabbing more garbage with the other. “You know that makes you sound like a foot fungus, right?”

Ford’s face scrunched as he scowled at Burke. “Ha ha.”

Sage wiggle his way through the roomful of people and went straight for Logan, picking the baby up. “Yeah, well I’m the favorite uncle and nothing beats that, right, Logan?” Logan spouted some gibberish in response. “I know!” Sage said. “Now, tell your daddies you’re celebrating another first tonight.”

“Oh yeah? And what would that be?” I searched my brain for something I was forgetting.

“Logan’s first sleepover!” Sage announced with a huge goofy smile on his face.

“Uh…” Sleepover? Away from Noah and me?

“It’s gonna be great. We’ll pack up his things and take him with us, right, Levi?”

Levi didn’t look as sure as his fiance, gripping the back of his neck as he nervously laughed.

“I don’t know if—” Noah began, but Sage wasn’t having it.

“Oh, come on! He’ll be perfectly safe with Uncle Sage and Uncle Levi, and Bluefin is closed tomorrow. Besides, we could use some practice, seeing as we’ll be starting a family of our own soon.” Sage beamed at Levi, who again, squeaked out a nervous laugh. When we all continued to gape at Sage, he sighed dramatically. “Fine, sleep at Noah’s old place tonight. No one’s renting it right now, and you’ll literally be around the corner from us. Not that we’ll need you for anything, but if it’ll make you feel better…”

I met Noah’s eyes and saw the same apprehension I was feeling. Simmering just under the surface, though, was the prospect of having an entire, uninterrupted night filled with Noah’s groans of pleasure. I swallowed hard, seeing the moment Noah’s dirty thoughts synced with mine.

I turned back to Sage, my heart still struggling with what I was about to say. “Okay, fine. But if there is anything, and I mean anything, he needs… I don’t care if it’s the middle of the night—”

“We’ll call you. I promise,” Sage said, excitement coming off him in waves.

“So, I’m guessing you’re taking tomorrow off?” Cole asked Levi.

Levi blew out a deep breath. “Looks like it.”

Knowing Levi the way I did now, I understood where his apprehension came from. Hell, before Logan, I was pretty much in the same boat as the man. No family worth mentioning and sure as hell no experience with having a child. But, because I knew Levi so well now, I also appreciated how much he was willing to step out of his comfort zone if it made Sage happy. Levi was amazing with Sage’s nephews, just like he was amazing with Logan. It occurred to me that maybe he needed this night with Logan more than he let on.

“You okay with all this?” Noah asked me softly as we packed up some things for Logan.

“Yeah…I think so…maybe…” I gave him a sheepish smile as heat rushed my face. It was weird to realize how much of a nervous, helicopter parent I was becoming. Truth was, maybe I needed this night, too. “I’m glad we’re staying at your old place, though.” This town always seemed so small to me, but the thought of Logan at Sage and Levi’s was as disconcerting as picturing him three thousand miles away from me.

Noah kissed my temple, his warm hand drawing circles on my back. “We’ll be around the corner from him. He’ll be okay.”


Two hours later, I picked up my phone for the fifth time that night and pressed Sage’s number. The first time, I worried about them having enough diapers. That snowballed into… Did they have a spare bink? Because he couldn’t fall asleep without it. Did I remember to put Legs in the bag? Because he couldn’t sleep without the stuffed purple octopus, either. The last time had been to check if I remembered to pack his cereal for the morning. You know, because if I didn’t, it would be impossible to get him some.

“Logan’s Car Wash,” Sage answered, coming up with a new business name every time I called. My personal favorite was You’ve Been Saged: Herbs and Potions.

I snorted into the phone, scrubbing a hand over my face. “I’m hovering, aren’t I?”

Sage snorted into the receiver. “Just a bit.” I exhaled long and slow, trying to back away from the ledge of worry I was teetering on. “Put Noah on the phone.”

“I’ll put it on speak—”

“Nope. Put Noah on the phone, sir, and slowly back away.”

Blowing out another frustrated breath, I held the phone out to Noah. “He wants to talk to you.”

Noah softly laughed and took the phone. He listened for a second before covering the mouthpiece. “Sage said there needs to be ten feet between you and me or Legs gets it.”

“He better not hurt one leg on that—”

Noah covered my mouth in amusement. “Now he said unwad those panties. Logan’s fine, Legs is fine, and I need your—” Noah’s eyes widened and his face turned a shade of red to rival a ripe tomato. “I’m not telling him that!”

I could hear Sage’s laughter on the other end of the line. Finally, the tension in my muscles started to loosen. I could only imagine what Sage had suggested, but going by Noah’s scandalized expression, it was something worth following through on.

I took the phone back from Noah. “Okay, Sage, you’ve made your point. I’m hanging up so Noah can follow through on whatever you said to make him blush all the way to the tips of his ears.”

“You’re welcome,” Sage singsonged right before the phone clicked and the line went silent.

“What did he say that got you all flustered?” I wrapped my arms around Noah’s waist and nuzzled the warm skin of his neck.

Noah snorted. “Oh, just a suggestion of more productive things you could do with your tongue that would make it impossible for you to call him again.”

“I mean, he’s not wrong. I could use a distraction.” I backed Noah toward the island in the center of the kitchen. “Are you saying you couldn’t?” Slowly, I slid my hands under his shirt, feeling his skin prickle with goosebumps.

Noah’s breath shuddered. “I absolutely need some Noah Time, but not orchestrated by Sage.”

“Ah, so we’re gonna avoid whatever he suggested?” I pushed his shirt up until Noah raised his arms, letting me take the shirt all the way off. As soon as his nipple came into view, I dove down and sucked it into my mouth. Man, I loved to hear him moan. I took my time, gliding my tongue over the awakening skin, letting my teeth graze it. I traveled across his chest, leaving a wet trail, and took the other nipple into my mouth.

“Oh fuck, that feels good, and no way in hell are we avoiding anything tonight.” Noah’s hands pushed up into my hair, his grip tight, holding my mouth where he wanted it. But I had other plans.

“There are so many things I can do to this body with my mouth.” Jerking away, I grabbed Noah’s arms and turned his body so he faced the island. “But there’s one thing in particular I’ve been craving all day, and it sure as hell isn’t cake.”

“No?” Noah rasped out, his head hanging while my lips ghosted down his spine. “What are you craving?”

I took both of Noah’s hands and pressed them flat against the cold granite, then braced my hand between his shoulder blades. “Keep them there.” A high-pitched whimper escaped the big man at my mercy. Slowly, I reached around his waist and found the button of his pants. Within seconds, the curve of his bare, mouth-watering ass was there for the taking. I sure as hell planned to take until Noah trembled from the force of a mind-blowing orgasm.

I pulled the packets of lube out of my pocket and tossed them on the granite before dropping to my knees. We’d abandoned condoms almost as soon as I’d moved all my stuff here a few months back. Sliding into him with no barriers was unreal.

Noah slid his hand off the counter, heading for his cock. “Already breaking the rules?” A shiver coursed through Noah, a groan of aggravation and impatience somehow making this even better.

His hand slapped back down on the hard granite. “I thought you loved me?”

I spread him open, my finger circling the puckered skin of his delectable ass. “Oh, baby, you know I do. Every inch of you.” To prove my point I dove in, my tongue landing on its intended target. HIs hole clenched and unclenched, his deep sigh filling the room.

“Yes, that’s it. Love every fucking inch,” he demanded, turning the tables on me. Goddamn he was sexy when he took the reins.

My body and mind, instinctively and without hesitation, followed orders. I worked his hole, loosening the muscle. My hand landed on the counter, slapping the granite in search of a lube packet. What the hell hadn’t I brought one down with me? Noah laughed and put one in my hand. Then flipped the tables again as he spread out his massive chest and wingspan flat on the counter, completely surrendering to whatever was coming next.

I tore my shirt over my head, tossing it across the room in the direction of the fridge. My body was lit with anticipation as I prepped him for my cock. I was as eager to be inside of him as I was the very first time I’d slid into his body. Every day with Noah was like finding nirvana for the first time.


“I got you.” I always would. It was possible to let him go now.

I stood back up, releasing my cock from the tight confines of my pants. I was already leaking and ready, the need to be inside him so intense, my hand was shaking as I slicked myself up. Our groans filled the nearly empty room, echoing off every wall, as I pushed into him.

“Fuck,” I rasped out, my eyes crossing in absolute ecstasy. Noah’s silky warmth surrounded me, and it took everything in me not to come as he tightened his hole around my cock. “You’re gonna make me come before I even get a chance to fuck you.”

Noah’s cheek was pressed against the smooth granite. “Why, because of this?” He clenched his muscles and released. “This is gonna make you come?” He did it again and I saw stars.

“That’s how you want to play it, huh?” With one hand braced between his shoulder blades and the other grasping his hip, I slammed into him, pulling curses from his plump mouth. Over and over again, I plunged into him, hard and fast. “Is this what you wanted? Wanted to make me lose control?”

“Fuck yeah,” he said, his voice hoarse.

Everything else faded away as I pounded into him. I felt my orgasm building in the base of my spine, so I focused all my attention on pegging his prostate while I gripped his cock and stroked rapidly. Desperately, I held on to my own release, determined to make him come apart first.

With a bellow that came from deep within him, Noah came, his hole tightening almost painfully around my dick. There was no holding on anymore, my body catapulted into another dimension where nothing else mattered but Noah’s body wrapped around mine.

“Fuck.” I trembled and froze, then pulled out and pushed in again. “Fuck.” My hips jerked as I pumped every bit of my release deep inside him. Thoroughly empty, I collapsed against his back, my body draping over his. Both of us drew in air, trying to calm our rapidly heaving chests.

“It’s settled,” Noah said, his voice slightly muffled from me holding him down on the counter. “Noah Time needs to be a national holiday.”

I snorted. “You do realize holidays are only celebrated once a year, right?”

A chill trembled through him. “Shoot. That’s not gonna work for me.”

Laughing, I slowly pulled out of him, my legs feeling like jelly. “The best thing about Noah Time is we make our own rules.”

Noah carefully pushed to a standing position, stretching his long limbs above his head. “Okay then. I have the first rule.”

I wrapped him in my arms, my nose nuzzling in the curve of his neck. “What’s that?”

Noah took my mouth in a deep, mind-melting kiss. When we came up for air, he had a wicked gleam in his eyes. “There are no rules.”

BB Bonus Scene (1500 × 500 px).png

Claim me, Cave Dweller



Claim Me, Cave Dweller

A Baiting Burke Bonus Scene

Copyright: Jaclyn Quinn



“Admit it. Isn’t coffee from a French press so much better than your burnt-coffee-flavored cream and sugar?” I bought him one a week ago for Christmas, even though the holiday wouldn’t be here for another three weeks. We still had a long way to go before he cut back on some of that unnecessary shit, but now that I spent most mornings with him, I was determined to sway him.

Jared pushed his jaw to the side and thought for a second. Standing up from the table, he walked into the living room and grabbed the bottle of tequila off the shelf, clanking it on the table as he sat back down next to me.

I barked out a laugh. “You’re not drinking that shit at nine in the morning.”

Jared shot me a cocky smile. “Then don’t ask me stupid questions.”

I turned to face him, leaning in close so our mouths were inches apart. “Here’s a question for you. We have three hours until we have to be at Cole and Aiden’s. What can we possibly do while we wait?”

Jared held my gaze while his hand slowly slid across the table toward the tequila again, laughing as I jumped up out of my chair, the legs scraping against the floor before the whole thing fell over. Growling, I grabbed him under his arms and lifted, sitting his smartass on the table.

Brutus popped his head up from the kitchen floor and rushed over to us, excitedly pawing my leg. “There’s no saving him now, buddy,” I said to the dog while Jared laughed.

Jared slid his arms around my bare waist, his fingertips leaving a blazing trail in their wake. “One of these days we’re gonna break this fucking table.”

I snorted. “Is that what we’re calling it now? The fucking table? Not very subtle.”

When my hand landed between Jared’s legs and squeezed his cock through the soft material of his sweats, his eyes slipped closed, laughter turning to a moan. “Brutus, go lay down.” It still amazed me how quickly Brutus listened to Jared, sauntering off into the living room.

I put a hand on Jared’s bare chest and shoved him back so he was laying on the table. Curling my fingers in his waistband, I began sliding his pants down when he stopped me. 

“Wait. Condoms and lube are in the hall bathroom.”

“Why the hell are they in there?” He usually kept them in his bedroom. I hung my head and groaned. “For spontaneity sake, we’re putting some in here for next time.”

“Oh yeah? Where? Next to the SpaghettiOs in my cabinet?”

Huffing, I leaned in close, my mouth grazing his ear as I whispered, “Nice try, but I’m not falling for it. My man knows better than to keep that shit in this house.”

Jared laughed, a deep raspy sound that went straight to my balls. “Wouldn’t want to make a grown man cry.”

I leaned down and bit his nipple. Not hard enough to break the skin, but definitely hard enough to make Jared’s back arch off the table as he hissed, “Fuck.”

“Yup. After I get the condoms and lube.” I straightened up and left him lying on the table, his bottom lip caught between his teeth. Jesus, I wanted him all the damn time now. The last few weeks had been better than I ever imagined my life being. We were still adjusting to everything. The biggest changes so far had been getting used to being a couple in a town where gossip spread like wildfire, and spending most of my nights in his home instead of mine.


He was more than I ever thought he could be. The brightest part of my days and the sinfully delicious part of my nights. He was still the same Jared after inheriting his grandpa’s entire estate. I’d never asked him what that amounted to because it had no effect on me or our relationship. He was a gentle man, a kind man, a passionate man, a—


“Son of a bitch!” I shouted, slamming a hand against my chest while the other went to grab for the hand towel hanging from the wall and missed, my palm slapping on the counter as I thankfully caught myself. I stared at the image taped to the bathroom mirror with narrowed eyes. Jared was cracking up in the other room as my heart tried to punch its way through my body. 

He was a dead man.

I rounded the doorframe, my heavy steps stopping short in the hall. Jared stood in the foyer in front of the door, tears of laughter streaming down his face. Fisting my hands, I arched a threatening brow and took a predatory step toward him. Then another.


Jared had his hands up in front of him, still hiccupping with laughter. “What’s the matter, Cave Dweller? I thought you said clowns weren’t scary?” Another step. “Guess that proves you wrong, huh?” Another step. “Was the Big Bad Burke scared?”

I stopped about ten feet away from him. “Fisherboy?”


In a harsh whisper, I said, “Run.”

Jared’s eyes widened and he took off into the living room with me only steps behind him. “Brutus, what happened to trying to protect me!” Brutus lifted his head from where he was lying in the corner, looked at Jared, looked at me, and then yawned and put his head back down. He was apparently too used to our antics. “Nice! Some guard dog you are!”


“He knows you don’t stand a chance.”

“Fuck.” Jared gripped the back of the armchair, using it as a shield, nervous laughter making him out of breath while I stalked toward him. He faked to his left then bolted to his right toward the hall I’d just come from. 

Right on his heels, I wrapped my arm around his waist and lifted him off the ground. He yelped, still laughing hysterically. “You think you’re so funny.”

“I know I am, and I got you good.” He wiggled in my arms, but I quickly changed positions, whipping him around to face me. I crouched down and picked him up, throwing him over my shoulder. “What are you doing?” 

“Living up to my name.” He wanted a Neanderthal? I’d give him a Neanderthal. 

I carried Jared into the kitchen and yanked both chairs away from one side of the table. As soon as I put him down, I bent him over the thick wood, my firm hand in the middle of his back. Rotating my hips, I started grinding my cock into the seam of his ass. 

“Fuck,” Jared breathed out, licking his lips. 

I caught his hand before he was able to pull his cock out. “Mine,” I growled.

“We’ve been reduced to one-syllable words.” He pushed his hips back, wiggling against my erection.

“I’m just getting started. You won’t be able to form words when I’m through with you.”

“So far, you’re all talk”— before he could say more, I reached between his legs and pulled his balls in a tight grip—“oh shit…” 

“What was that?”

He opened his mouth again to let some smartass comment fly, but I squeezed his balls again. I’m not sure he even knew what he was saying.

“That’s what I thought.”

I kept one hand firmly pressed to the center of his back, my thighs pushing against the back of his to pin him in place. With my free hand, I yanked down his sweats, revealing that perfect ass I could eat off of. Or just eat. Either one would satisfy my craving for this man. At least, for now it would. I seemed to crave him all the damn time.

Jared surrendered to my touch, his arms outstretched on either side of him on the table, palms flat against the wood and his cheek resting on the cool surface. 

“Time to show you how much of a caveman I actually am. Possessive”—I reached between his legs again and pulled on his balls, making a high-pitch sound escape him—“determined”—yanking my own sweats down, I ground my bare cock against the crease of his ass and he whimpered—“hard headed"—I slid my hand from his sac to the tip of his leaking cock, reveling in the way he tried to fuck his dick through my grip. I released him and used that hand to smack him on the ass…hard.


“This ass is mine, Fisherboy.” I slapped him again, watching the skin over the curve of his ass turn pink. “Say it.” When he was quiet for too long, I smacked his ass again. “Say. It.”

“You’re gonna have…to make me.” He was breathing hard, his skin flushed and damp. “I won’t cave that easily.”

I bent over and pressed my chest against his back, skin on skin, then whispered in his ear, “I was hoping you’d say that.”

Straightening back up, I slid my cock between the crevice of those two perfectly sculpted muscles. The head of my dick caught against his rim and we groaned in unison.

“Let me ask you, Cave Dweller. When you were screaming your ass off in the bathroom because you were afraid of the clown, did you remember to grab the condoms and lube? Or were you just tryin’ not to piss your pants?”

Dammit, I hadn’t remembered to grab them. “You’re really fucking asking for it, aren’t you?” 

“I wouldn’t have to ask for it if my boyfriend would fuck me already.” Boyfriend. That word still caught me by surprise and my heartbeat sped up every time he called me that. I’d never get tired of hearing it.

But I couldn’t let him know that. Couldn’t show him my weakness…or admit my weakness was him.

Aggressively, I shoved his pants down as far as I could, using my foot to push them all the way to the floor. “Don’t fucking move.” Reluctantly, I pulled my own pants up over my stiff cock.

I released him, but by the time I got to the doorway, Jared said, “Not fucking likely.” When I turned around, he was standing next to the table with a wicked gleam in his eyes as he kicked the pants completely off and put his hands on his hips. The man was so goddamn gorgeous standing in his kitchen, in broad daylight, completely naked. 

“You little shit.” A laugh escaped, throwing off my tough-guy image, but I quickly schooled my expression. I rounded the table, but so did he, until we were on opposite sides. 

“First one to the supplies gets to fuck the other one!” Jared darted off to the bathroom with me hot on his trail. I managed to grab him around the waist and reach the drawer first, slamming my hand down on the things we needed.

“Yes!” I let him go and pumped my fist in the air. “I told you your ass was mine.” I grasped the nape of his neck and slid my hand slowly into his hair, gripping a handful so I could yank him closer. His light eyes dilated, pure fucking need coming off him as he licked his lips. Yeah, I’d learned a thing or two about my man since we’d gotten together. Sure, he wanted the lovey-dovey stuff, but man, did he fucking like it rough, too. Goddamn, he was perfect for me. I took his mouth, sweeping my tongue inside to taste him in an intense kiss. 

When I finally pulled away, he said in a deep and raspy voice, “Still waiting.”

Tossing the supplies on the counter, I turned us to face the mirror and we both sucked in a sharp breath from that damn clown staring back at us. “I can’t fuck you with him watching.”

Jared laughed and ripped the paper off the mirror, dropping it on the floor by our feet. “He already served his purpose anyway.”

“Time to wipe that smug look off your face.” I pressed my body against his back, my hand still gripping his hair tightly. Jared’s eyes rolled back in his head the second I made him bend over the sink and ran a finger from my free hand over his hole.

“That feels so damn good,” he whispered breathlessly.

“Did I say you could talk, Fisherboy?”

Jared’s eyes popped open and found mine in the mirror. “No, but you didn’t say I couldn’t either, Cave Dweller.”

“Smartass. No talking.” I smacked his right cheek, but all it seemed to do was turn him on even more. He held my gaze in the mirror, biting his bottom lip…but not a single peep came out of him.

Grabbing the lube, I shoved it at him and told him to pour some on my fingers. There was no way I was letting go of his hair. Once slick, I pushed my index finger up against his hole and slid it inside him, watching his expression in the mirror as I added a second one. My fingertips grazed his prostate and Jared shivered. When I pushed a third finger in, Jared’s jaw dropped open in pure ecstasy. 

That was about all I could take. I knew his body, knew he was ready. Shoving my sweats down in the front to take my dick out, I hooked the waistband under my balls. I picked up the gold packet and held it out for Jared to open, freezing when he whispered, “Want to feel you raw.”

My eyes shot to his in the reflection. “What?” Did he really just say what I thought he said?

“We’ve both already done what we need to. We just haven’t made the leap.”

He was right. We’d gotten tested and were in the clear, taking the necessary precautions, but until this moment, we’d been dancing around the subject. The thought of pushing into him bare, feeling his heat against my skin, made my cock jump. “Are you sure?”

Jared’s mouth curled in a sexy smirk. “Claim me, Cave Dweller. Stick that thick cock inside me and leave your mark on what’s already yours.”

Jesus Christ, this man… “You’re gonna make me bust a nut before I even get inside you.”

“Then you better hurry the hell up.” Damned if he didn’t give me a snarky wink.

I shook my head and narrowed my eyes, holding my hand out for more of the cool liquid, and then coated my cock. I yanked on his sweat-soaked hair, still secured in my tight grip, tilting his head back at the same time I drove inside him. A hoarse fuck yeah fell from his lips.

I held on tight, slamming into his tight ass over and over again. All the while, I locked eyes with him in the mirror. Skin slapped against skin. Panting breaths filled the room, grunts coming from us both punctuating every hard thrust.

“Make me come, Burke.” Man did I love hearing my actual name leave his mouth. He braced both hands on the counter, palms flat on the marble surface.

He wanted me to make him come without even touching his cock. 

The complete surrender flipped a switch inside me. I adjusted my hips, nailing his prostate with every thrust. The sounds tumbling from his lips were like an addictive drug. The more he made them, the stronger my need to make him fall apart grew. My body ached, my hand cramping around his strawberry-blond locks, but there was no way in hell I’d let go until he shot his load.

Finally, Jared shouted, his body jerking, his hole clenching around my sensitive shaft. I didn’t let up, jabbing that spot inside him until he was completely drained. I growled, still rapidly pumping my hips and chasing my release.

We locked eyes again and the sight of him took my breath away. He looked fucking wrecked, skin blotchy and red from exertion, lips dry until his tongue snaked out and made them glisten…so kissable…so damn enticing. 

And then he said the words that kicked my need to come into high gear. 

“Do it. Claim me. Empty that gorgeous cock of yours and fill me up.” And the words that catapulted me over the edge… “Make me yours.”

“Jesus Christ, Jared…” With a hoarse roar, I emptied my balls into him, every muscle in my body tensing as I let go. I flooded the man with my release. Marking what was mine and would always be mine.

When the last twitch shook through me, an extremely satisfied smile grew on both our faces. I pulled Jared up until his back straightened and he was flush against me, my softening dick still inside him. He reached back and wrapped his arm around my neck. Both of my arms slid around his sweaty body and I nuzzled my face against the skin right under his ear.

“That was intense,” he whispered, still trying to catch his breath.

“Yeah, it was, and now you’re mine forever.”

“Always was, but I still have to leave my mark on what’s mine.” He reached back and grabbed my ass.


My dick slipped from his slick body, coated in the proof of what I’d left behind when I’d claimed him. My chest puffed with pride as if I really had marked him to the point that he couldn’t be anyone else's ever again. Only mine. And I wanted the same from him. Wanted to be his forever.

“I want that. So damn much.” 

He turned in my arms and kissed me, whispered I-love-yous ghosting against our lips, the urgency to have each other cooling with the sweat on our skin. Eventually, I shoved my pants all the way to the floor and stepped into the steaming shower with him. A rush of pride swept over me again when my release trickled from his body and down his inner thigh. Jared leaned against the wall, palms flat on the tile, giving me the perfect view.

“Fuck, that’s sexy.” I dragged my thumb over his hole and he shivered.

“I guess we only need a bottle of lube next to the SpaghettiOs now, huh?” 

I pinched his ass and he jumped, laughing. “Are you trying to goad the Neanderthal into taking that pretty mouth and showing you what belongs in it?”

“Is that the caveman’s way of saying he’s gonna share his bone?” Jared turned around, putting his hand on my chest as he moved forward, pushing me back against the wall. “Here’s the fisherman’s way of saying I bet I can bait your ass first.”

“Is that a threat, Fisherboy?” I gripped his waist and pulled his wet, naked body against mine.

“That’s a promise, Cave Dweller.”

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